HandyCosy Memory Foam Travel Pillow Review

HandyCosy Memory Foam Travel Pillow

The HandyCosy Memory Foam Travel Pillow claims to be a travel for buddy for anyone who enjoys participating in long haul travel. As per the claims made by its founders on Kickstarter, the HandyCosy Memory Foam Travel Pillow can be described as: “Super lightweight, highly compact memory foam travel pillow that offers one support with its ergonomic shape.”

What Are The Features Of The HandyCosy Memory Foam Travel Pillow?

Packs down to 10cm. Unlike other travel pillows that could be cumbersome for some people to take around, the Handycosy can be reduced down to 30% of its original size and easily stored away.

Won’t push the user’s neck forward:

Forward neck posture can lead to a variety of health complications, including pinched nerves, and difficulties with posture, among other things. The Handycosy corrects the user’s neck (and thus spine) to its natural curvature.

Suitable for all neck sizes:

A known difficulty in the market when buying a travel pillow is that they are not a one size fits all solution. Some people have larger and smaller necks than others, which can prove to be uncomfortable in the best of cases. A major issue for people with larger necks is having their circulation cut off.

Washable cover:

In spite of all of the Handycosy’s advantages, the item would be counterproductive to use if one needed to spend a large amount of time cleaning and preparing it for use. The good news is that the cover is machine washable and is guaranteed to not warp or fade with use.

Included dust proof bag:

Although item is not strictly a feature of the Handycosy, the dust proof bag that comes with the product is a nice touch that can give its customers some added peace of mind and convenience.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A HandyCosy Memory Foam Travel Pillow?

Nothing beats a little snooze after scrambling to go on a trip. If you’d like cushioning to your weary head, you don’t need to wad up a shirt from your carry-on. A travel pillow is among the best travel accessories you could request.

Easy To Take

You’ve got enough heavy stuff to lug around the airport.

A Comfortable Flight

A travel pillow will present your neck and head with support. When you are feeling a bit cramped, this can make a big difference.

Who does not want to lean against something soft rather than something bumpy? You are not as likely to walk off the plane with a stiff neck, also. When there’s one pet peeve we’ve got about flying, it is a rigid neck.

Your Wallet Will Thank You

No need to fret — you won’t need to spend a large amount of money with this one. At the conclusion of the afternoon, you’ll have a lot of money leftover to splurge on whatever strikes your fancy on your journey.

Comfort and Security

A pillow can protect your head from germs and other nasty, invisible menaces fellow flyers left behind. Luckily, you can throw the pillow covering in the wash to make it nice and fresh again.

Works for Any Chair

Whether you’re in coach or first class, your travel pillow will fit straight in. You may even take the pillow beside you on trains or lengthy road trips. Talk about convenient!

HandyCosy Memory Foam Travel Pillow Review Summary

At the time of writing this article, Handycosy is coming close to reaching its funding milestone so that the founders can make their dream a reality.

Only time will tell if more backers are going to be prepared to put their hard-earned dollars behind an innovative – albeit so far unreleased product to consumer markets around the globe.

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