Her Harmony Review – UltaLife’s Natural Estrogen-Free Menopause Relief?

her harmony

Her Harmony is a supplement that helps to soothe your body during the natural process of menopause, relieving you from hot flashes and other symptoms.

This remedy is available through Amazon.com.

What Is Her Harmony?

Menopause is a difficult stage of a women’s life to endure.

While you have been used to the impact of your hormones every single month, it can be a major change to experience menopause as your hormones diminish. This change can feel like you’re experiencing a prolonged menstrual cycle with the moodiness and irritability.

You may even start to feel depressed, developing fatigue that comes from being overly tired. The fact is, these symptoms and worse are a lot for someone to endure, and you need to find a way to gain relief in the midst of these changes. Luckily, Her Harmony can help.

Her Harmony is meant for anyone who goes through menopause and deals with these symptoms, along with the night sweats and weight gain that comes with it. Your entire body feels like it’s suffering, and needing assistance during this time can be absolutely necessary.

If you decide to commit to the use of Her Harmony in your routine, you can:

Many people take their difficulties about menopause to their doctor, having to work with prescription medications to regulate the issues that you face. You may even try and take the “natural” remedies, soothing your hot flashes as they come, trying to avoid the stress that can come with these overwhelming issues.

You don’t have to be a martyr to the hormonal changes to get through the process; instead, you can use Her Harmony.

How Does Her Harmony Work?

The reason that Her Harmony is effective is due to the many different ingredients included in the blend. You won’t find any hormones, but you will see that there are natural ways to balance out the differences in your body.

The ingredients in this remedy include:

  • Soy Isoflavones, which can medicinally treat the symptoms of menopause
  • Black Cohosh, which reduces the pain and hot flashes that come with this change
  • Dong Quai, to help you deal with cramps and the symptoms of menopause
  • Licorice, to ease digestive issues
  • Vitex Berry, to improve your progesterone levels and regular hormonal problems
  • Red Clover, which is powerful enough to help prevent hormone-triggered cancer
  • Sage, to regulate your digestive system and balance your appetite
  • False Unicorn, which treats menstrual problems and hormonal unbalance
  • Squaw Vine, to treat uterine difficulties
  • Blessed Thistle, to aid in indigestion and treat illnesses like the common cold
  • Red Raspberry, to eliminate toxins that can worsen your hormonal changes
  • Mexican Wild Yam, which is a natural alternative to the introduction of new hormones

These helpful ingredients all come together to help you treat the problems that occur during menopause, helping with the hormonal effects and the individual symptoms.

Using Her Harmony

To gain all the benefits of Her Harmony, you will only need to take two capsules a day. Some women choose to take this remedy with food to help you absorb it into your bloodstream for the desired effects.

This solution is specifically meant for women who want to relieve the effects of menopause, but without using estrogen or other hormones for control. Despite the lack of actual hormones in the blend, they are able to balance out the change that you’re going through during this new time in your life.

Pricing For Her Harmony

If you want to make Her Harmony into a regular part of your routine, then the retail cost of the formula is $24.95. However, since it’s sold through Amazon.com, you will be able to get the product for the current sale price, which is $23.70.

You will receive 60 capsules.

Contacting The Creators Of Her Harmony

With a condition as sensitive as menopause, you want to make sure you know all the details about the products that you put in your body. Her Harmony is produced by UltaLife, so you will need to correspond with their team. The company doesn’t offer a phone number, but you will be able to send an email to [email protected]

Her Harmony Summary Review

Her Harmony is a fitting name for this supplement, since it helps to create a peaceful and balanced environment for your body during this tumultuous time in your life.

You need a way to feel a sense of control while your body takes over, and you can’t do that alone. You may have heard about different foods or therapies that can change the way your body reacts, but it comes down to treating the hormonal changes themselves.

With Her Harmony, you can finally achieve the serene attitude and physical climate, giving you the chance to relax without the stress of this change.

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