Hi Well Premium Green Lipped Mussel Review

Hi Well Premium Green Lipped Mussel

A joint support product manufactured in New Zealand out of green lipped mussel extract, consumers who suffer from joint problems often find relief from using fish oil supplements added with vitamin D3 and vitamin E.

More potent than many similar fish oil supplements, Hi Well Premium Green Lipped Mussel offers high quality ingredients that lead to improved joint function. Please read below to learn more about Premium Mussel 10000 and how to purchase.

What Is Hi Well Premium Green Lipped Mussel?

A daily supplement formulated from pure New Zealand green lipped mussel extract that may help reduce swelling within joints to help minimize pain and improve flexibility and range of motion. Combining green lipped mussel extract with vitamins D and E, this supplement can help improve joint comfort.

Consumers may find relief from rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and other forms of arthritis while taking Hi Well Premium Green Lipped Mussel. By using this product consumers may see a drastic improvement in their joint function which will help keep them active with less pain and discomfort when doing activities like biking, fishing, quilting, or running.

Benefits Of Hi Well Premium Green Lipped Mussel

Extracted from mussels raised in the crystal clean waters of New Zealand this fish oil is high in glycosaminoglycans (GAGs), omega 3 fatty acids and marine protein. This extract helps reduce inflammation within the joints allowing for better movement and overall joint comfort.

Many people are starting to see the benefits of mussel extract in helping them relive chronic neck and shoulder pain as well as knee, back, and foot pain. Users have noticed an improvement in their ability to ride their motorcycle longer, hike further, or quilt without ending the day with painful hands.

How Does Hi Well Premium Green Lipped Mussel Work?

Green lipped mussels are packed full of omega-3 fatty acids which have been shown to hold anti-inflammatory properties as well as help protect overall joint health. Additionally, green lipped mussel extract contains a combination of amino acids, minerals, and carbohydrates which could also lead to improved joint comfort and function.

Users simply take one to three capsules per day with food. The green lipped mollusk extract used in this supplement is highly concentrated, the equivalent of 10000 milligrams of mollusks.

Premium Mussel 10000 should not be used by people with shellfish allergies. Additionally, this supplement is not recommended for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. As with all supplements it is wise to consult with a healthcare professional prior to using this product to ensure it is safe for use and will not contradict any medications.

Ingredients in Hi Well Premium Green Lipped Mussel

Offering consumers an all-natural combination of green lipped mussel extract, vitamin E, and vitamin D3, each capsule contains 80 milligrams of green lipped mussel extract. The full ingredient profile is available online at the product listing on Amazon by clicking on the box image.

Who Makes Hi Well Premium Green Lipped Mussel?

Manufactured by Hi Well which is a based in Auckland, New Zealand, Hi Well Healthcare Corporation is focused on offering consumers high quality supplements to help support them in living healthier lives. Hi Well now offers their products to consumers living throughout not only New Zealand but also North America, Australia, China, Korea, and throughout Southeast Asia.

Dedicated to sourcing all of their wellness product ingredients from sustainable sources, New Zealand is known for its pure and natural resources and this company utilizes those to offer consumers worldwide products that will help people and their families have better health. Hi Well focuses on manufacturing products formulated to support joint and immune health as well as a large line of vitamins and supplements.

Hi Well offers company office locations on their website allowing consumers to see where they can purchase products locally or ask questions over the phone or in person.

Hi Well Premium Green Lipped Mussel Pricing

Available for purchase online through Amazon, shop2u.com, ashop.co.nz, and well365life.com.


Each 200 capsule package is available for $176.50 and ships for free through iHealthNZ for Amazon.


This website offers consumers a fifty capsule option for $40.00 which gives people an opportunity to try the product before committing to a larger quantity. Two hundred capsules are available for $139.00. This website is a New Zealand based company specializing in New Zealand natural health and wellness products.


Each two hundred capsule package is available for $189.49. This website offers both domestic and international shipping for competitive prices.


Consumers can purchase each two hundred capsule package for $133.27.

Should You Use Hi Well Premium Green Lipped Mussel?

So many people as they age find doing activities they once loved like sewing or biking to be a strain on their body, this supplement offers consumers an all-natural option to help support joint health

By simply taking one capsule of Premium Mussel 10000 per day users will feel a difference in the comfort and functionality of their joints. Many fish oil supplements are manufactured from fish oil that offers unclear origin this product is different.

Interested consumers will be able to rest assured knowing the mollusks used to make the extract contained in these capsules were harvested in the crisp, clean waters surrounding New Zealand.

There are other competitors’ products that are also high quality but offer similar products for a cheaper price it is worth doing further research and product comparison prior to purchasing. There is limited information available specifically about this supplement online.


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