Hot Tools Curlbar Review – Professional 24K Gold Hair Curling Iron?

Hot Tools Professional

Curling irons just seem to get better and better over time.

They can be one of your best friends when it comes to styling your hair.

They have definitely come a long way from the original bulky design, and it is pretty amazing what you are able to do with them now also; from waves to ringlets that based on the quality of the curling iron, can have you lasting with a smooth look, all day.

The original design of the curling iron was one barrel size, which limited the different ways you could create designs with your curls.

It wasn’t uncommon to hear women complaining of neck and shoulder pain from having to hold the curling iron at a certain angle to satisfy the curl – not to mention how long you had to often hold it there simply for the curl to hold.

We have come a long way – Especially when we look at this product, CURLBAR.

Hot Tools Professional has added the CURLBAR to their other product lines.

These tools are 24k Gold, and come in two (2) different barrel sizes; 1 ¼” and 1”. Each, offering features it’s possible we have not seen before.

Features Of The CURLBAR

  • Temperature heats up to 450F
  • Two (2) Hour Automatic Shut off
  • Heat Resistant glove included as a bonus!
  • Professional swivel cord reaching nine (9) feet
  • Soft touch handle for comfort

The CURLBAR comes in an ‘L’ shaped design which enables you to avoid neck and shoulder strain from holding the curling iron in an awkward angle.

With the built-in timer, counting down from five (5) seconds, it also allows you to ensure that you are creating the same texture and curl one at a time.

When the professional tool is heating up, there is a flashing light in a ring around the curling iron letting you know it is ‘pre-heating’ once, heated to the requested temperature the light will then become solid indicating that it is ready to use.

To follow up on the features mentioned above, it shouldn’t go without saying that the bonus of the heat resistant glove is a nice touch.

There are far too many instances of burning hands and fingertips, or ears and neck for that matter – that the heat resistant glove can 1) help guide the iron away from ears and necks areas, and 2) avoid touching the hair with bare hands after it has been cooking in 450F degree heat.

What Are The Benefits Of The 24k Gold?

A lot more curling irons are gold-plated, typically 24k, which means they get hot and stay hot.

They also typically have a heat dial which allows you to control the temperature you don’t do excessive damage to the hair while you are styling it.

The Gold curling irons, like the CURLBAR, generally heat the hair far more evenly than other plating, and the gold is the best alternative next to ceramic.

Although ceramic plating curling irons seem to generate the most favorable reviews, you will absolutely pay for that as well.

The Gold plating is the next step from ceramic but having said that, there are pros about the Gold that we don’t see in the ceramic for example.

The overall reviews of the CURLBAR are great! And they range from professional hair stylists to the everyday person at home getting ready to head out for work or a night on the town.

It is described as easy to use, and the curls come out smooth and fall with ease.

About Hot Tools Professional

Hot Tools Professional is company known for its hair appliances.

They are designed to a standard that can be used in high end hair salons.

There tools boast innovation and are ergonomically advanced, a new phenomenon in this industry if you will And, at affordable pricing.

The hair appliances available through Hot Tools Professional range from curling irons to straitening irons, blow-dryers and diffusers.

They really are the one stop shop for hair care professionals, and beyond.

So, whether it be the ergonomic design that catches your attention, or the 24k gold plating the CURLBAR appears to be a great option for all those curling iron, hair enthusiasts.

The warranty of three years is far beyond the industry standard which really, is a great indication of the confidence Hot Tools Professional has in this product.

How To Order

The CURLBAR is available for purchase by visiting their website, and entering in your city, state or zip code.

This will connect you with the closest retailer to you (within 25 miles).

Hot Tools Professional also has a full service, customer service line available to answer any of your questions about the products or the warranty.

They are available toll-free between 7:30 am and 5:00 pm Mountain Standard Time.

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