Hyperwear SoftBell Adjustable Soft Kettlebell Review

Hyperwear SoftBell Adjustable Soft Kettlebell

The Hyperwear SoftBell Adjustable Soft Kettlebell is an exercise tool suitable for use by all regarding gender and age as long as they use the right weight. The free weights have been designed to provide safety to the users and to the environment during workout. The tool is compatible with dumpbell, softbell and barbell systems and has adjustable weight plates.

Benefits of Using the Hyperwear SoftBell Adjustable Soft Kettlebell

Through the use of the tools, people can burn calories and promote their health by preventing obesity and related complications. The device also ensures working of multiple muscles in the body, increase the heart rate and thus provide the aerobic workout. Besides, it facilitates the improvement of balance, posture and increases strength and stability of the body.

Features of the Hyperwear SoftBell Adjustable Soft Kettlebell


The exercise tool is safe to the floors during the workout and is suitable for home gyms. It is possible to swing them around the floor without fear of damaging the floor or breaking the tool. The floor remains intact during the workout without any marks which might disfigure the incredible appearance. The device can be lifted and swung during exercise without damage. It stays in good shape for a long time as well as performing its purpose efficiently.

The exercise tool is available in different pounds ranging from seven to thirty pounds. When exercising less stress is exerted on the joints compared to when working out with the regular hand weights which makes it safe for use.

Contains soft and adjustable weight plates

Hyperwear SoftBell Adjustable Soft Kettlebell contains soft and changeable neoprene weight plates. The soft kettlebell is made of a solid fiberglass handle which is soft to the hands and prevents injury during the workout.

The tool can also be easily adjusted due to its high versatility. The swinging of the apparatus is possible without harm, and it can be cleaned after the exercise. The tool can adapt to many different functions which makes it efficient in its purpose. It contains an easy grip handle which is removed easily to allow adjustment of the plates.

It is Compact

The hyperwear softbell adjustable kettlebell occupies minimal space during workout and storage. Lack of space in the house is one of the critical factors that discourage people from purchasing exercise tool.

Compared to the single iron cast kettlebells, hyperwear softbell adjustable kettlebell saves much more space. A small area is sufficient for the workout while using the tool and minimal space should not be a reason for failing to exercise.

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