ImSoAlpha Organic Vegan Protein Review

ImSoAlpha Organic Vegan Protein

Modern science has clearly shown us that our daily dietary intake should include at least 15-35% protein. This is because, protein forms the basic foundation for our skin, teeth, hair nails and when there is a deficiency, we start to see various mental and physical effects like decreased muscle mass, reduced vitality, lowered mitochondrial activity.

Thus, to lead a healthy and active life, it is recommended by many experts that we take supplements to ensure that we are getting high quality protein into our system on a regular basis.

What’s So Beneficial About Plant Protein?

Market research has shown that a majority of people in the United States get their protein from animal meat and other dairy sources. However, excess meat consumption has been widely shown to be harmful for our bodies in the long run (especially red meat). As we become older, meat starts to metabolize and convert into fat, thereby making us put on a large amounts of weight.

However, with the growth of the vegan/vegetarian movement, many health experts have outlined a whole host of plants and vegetables that contain the same amount of protein as any fish, meat or poultry.

In fact, studies are now going further and saying that plant protein is healthier in comparison to other sources because they contain lower levels of saturated fat and hormonal additives.

About ImSoAlpha Organic Vegan Protein

Organic Vegan Protein is an all new ‘dietary supplement’ that provides our body with 20 g of ‘easily digested organic protein’. However, what is unique about this particular product is the fact that the powder is not grainy and has a pleasant, flavourful taste.

Additionally, unlike other body enhancers that cater more to taste than one’s health, there are no processed sugars in this supplement. All of the sweetness present Organic Vegan Protein is derived from natural stevia extracts.

Other key aspects of the product include:

(i) Digestion Support:

To improve the overall working of our bodies, this product has been loaded with efficacious ‘digestive enzymes’ that help in the faster metabolization and breakdown of sugary, fatty foods.

(ii) Lifestyle Compatible:

Whether we are regulars at the gym, or simply don’t have the time for exercise, ImSoAlpha Organic Vegan Protein is able to help us in many different ways. For athletes, it can act as a recovery and muscle development tool, whereas for regular folks it can act as an energy enhancer.

(iii) Tasty:

While other protein powders can be a chore to consume, this formula has been packed with natural flavours that make it extremely tasty and consumable.

(iv) Vegan Friendly:

One of the main selling points of ImSoAlpha Organic Vegan Protein is the fact that it is completely free of meat and other dairy derivatives. Thus, it can be used by vegans, vegetarians to complement their lifestyles or weight loss efforts.

Other Details To Keep in Mind


All of the added nutrients in this potent mix have been sourced from organic locations. This ensures that the product is completely gmo free and that it does not contain any traces of insecticides, pesticides etc.

Concentrated Formula:

As mentioned earlier, each serving of Optimal Alpha Protein comes with 20 grams of pure protein.


Another underrated aspect of this mix is its ‘enzyme complex’. These enzymes help in digesting our foods faster and increasing the work rate of our large and small intestines. As a result of this, we can obtain energy faster and feel much more vital.


All of the protein that can be found in this blend comes from Organic Pea Protein, Organic Sprouted Fermented Amaranth, Organic Sacha Inchi and Organic Hemp.

Additive Free:

This product is entirely natural and is free of any traces of GMO compounds, artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners or preservatives. In addition to this, certified independent labs have also shown that Optimal Alpha Protein is free of any gluten, soy, dairy or wheat.

Environmental Friendly:

As stated previously, all of the added components within this mix are organically derived. Organic foods are harvested without the use of harmful chemicals that have been shown to contribute towards rising global temperatures.

Recent studies have shown that pesticides and herbicides come packed with certain gaseous compounds that are known to actively degrade our ‘Ozone layer’.

What Are People Saying About ImSoAlpha Organic Vegan Protein?

The customer response in relation to ImSoAlpha Organic Vegan Protein has been pretty good. Many reviewers have praised the pricing and the overall potency of the product.

Some of them have even mentioned that this powder helped helped them lose weight and put on muscle mass more easily. Satisfied customers include Diane Wong who says ‘This stuff is delicious.

I mix it with a cup of frozen fruit, 2 scoops of Orgain organic protein powder and 1.5 cups of almond milk in the blender. I love the taste. I use blueberries with the creamy chocolate protein powder and strawberries with the french vanilla protein powder. So delicious and healthy. Great way to start the day. Fine on its own too in some almond milk with a little ice.’

Where Can I Make A Purchase?

All orders for ImSoAlpha Organic Vegan Protein can be placed on the official company website. A single container possesses 1lb of the powder and is priced at $34.99. There are two flavours to choose from, namely: chocolate and vanilla. Payments can be done via a host of safe means like PayPal, MasterCard and Visa.

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