InnovaPharm Pump Dirt Review – Intra-Muscular Glucose Uptake Powder?

InnovaPharm Pump Dirt

About InnovaPharm Pump Dirt

Pump Dirt is a powerful, apparently gross taking supplement that will help you get the ultimate pumps. As the name says, it actually tastes like dirt. And is said to have a slight flavor of burnt tea grounds. To get the highest levels of benefits from Pump Dirt, take it about 90 minutes prior to your workout and take it with a pre-workout meal. One scoop is all that is needed.

And apparently, if you are doing 3 days a week of exercise, say a full body circuit on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, then one bottle will last you for over 3 months. One of the important notes to consider is it really tastes like dirt, after you take a scoop you’ll want to rinse your mouth out or chew some gum.

How Does Pump Dirt Work?

When taken alongside a healthy meal like chicken breasts and kale with sweet potato, Pump Dirt is said to give unreal levels of energy.

Apparently, you need to pay attention to the level of carbs you take when using Pump Dirt because you’ll need 60-100grams ideally. And that is a hard thing to do when eating clean. It’s a good value though, because as mentioned before, one tub will last you for a good amount of time.

What Ingredients Does InnovaPharm Pump Dirt Have?

Just make sure you take the appropriate amount of micro-nutrients when using Pump Dirt. Basically, InnovaPharm Pump Dirt has a large amount of herbal standardized Gymnema Sylvestre Extract. It also has a rare extract in it from Banaba Leaf knowns as Sling 10.

The unique mixture of ingredients will shut down the body’s ability to absorb carbohydrates. It will then help you by allowing enhanced production of intra-skeletal glycogen production. This will help you lift more, workout longer and to improve you levels of athletic performance.

Because the supplement is so strong, you never want to take more than directed. It can be dangerous to do so. One scoop of Pump Dirt is all you need to take on your workout/training days. Just take the supplement 15-30 minutes prior to working out for maximum efficiency.

The supplement works to help your body utilize Glucose in the most efficient way. And instead of turning glucose into fat, it works to give it directly to the muscles for maximum levels of energy. And since it works so well, your body can absorb the supplement instantly. You will literally feel like your cheating when you take Pump Dirt prior to a workout.

The supplement is known as an Enhanced Intra-Muscular Glucose Uptakes Agent. It will literally help you better absorb and utilize your glycogen, glucose and insulin. Even people who don’t like the supplement still love it. And if the taste is too much for you, simply wrap it in a parachute to benefit from it without ever having to take it.

The supplement will help prepare your skeletal and muscular system for glucose uptake. One pump of the supplement is said to change your ability to workout. You have to make sure to take it with at least 60-100grams of carbs in order to get the fullest effect of the supplement. Never consume more than two servings of Pump Dirt within a 24 hour period.

Where Can I Buy InnovaPharm Pump Dirt?

You can buy a tub of Pump Dirt at One bottle of the supplement costs roughly $39.99 and is said to last for months if you’re training 3-5 days a week. It’s a great deal if that is correct.

InnovaPharm Pump Dirt Review Summary

If you’re looking to get serious results in the gym, InnovaPharm Pump Dirt is probably one of the strongest supplements on the market. It’s not for everyone and when you take it, you have to take it accordingly. There doesn’t seem to be a way to cut corners with Pump Dirt.

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