Insulog Review – Smart Snap-on Insulin Tracker App For Diabetics?


Insulog is a device that tracks your insulin production and injections, offering an easy resource that records every detail that your doctor may need to know to help you treat your diabetes.

The product is still in the developing stages, seeking out the investments of backers that want to be financially involved.

What is Insulog?

Diabetes affects more than 29 million people in the United States alone, but doctors have found the right solution for managing this disease.

These methods often involve injecting the insulin that your body can’t produce on its own, while restricting your diet to avoid an overabundance of glucose in your bloodstream. To make tracking your reading much easier, a company has begun the production of Insulog.

Insulog helps you to immediately track your insulin as its injected through your treatments. It works with many different devices, and works with a phone app to record the readings.

You can show it to your doctor, and you can use it for your personal references. The company that produces this device is made of consumers that suffer from diabetes, helping you to get the treatment you need from people who understand those needs.

By choosing this device, you won’t have to worry about remembering when the last injection was, and you give your medical team the best resource you can give to help you.

With this information, you can make an educated decision about your health by eliminating all the things that you normally worry about.

Insulog may not eliminate your diabetes, but it gives you the tools to manage it safely and without stress.

The Importance of Monitoring Blood Sugar

When you have diabetes, you must completely change the way you approach your health. Your glucose levels are in a constant state of potentially spiking or dropping at a rapid pace, which is why monitoring your blood sugar is so critical.

With the right information, you may be able to prevent yourself from succumbing to a life-threatening emergency.

You probably already are constantly checking your insulin levels already, but this method offers you a way to ensure that your record is easily maintained as needed.

How Does Insulog Work?

The technology behind Insulog allows you to take a reading of your blood sugar levels with your pen, but the connection to the app is truly the impressive part of this device. As it records your data, you can get a deeper understanding of your body’s functions.

Once the device is linked up to the app, you will have automatic uploads with each time it takes a reading.

These uploads will include the time that you injected the insulin, along with the exact time of the reading.

This recording makes it easy to see if you have a trend in the time that you take the readings, but it also makes it easier to see exactly when your last injection was.

You won’t have to provide a new battery often for the device, since it uses a charger to power up the device as needed.

When you go to the doctor’s office, you can bring all this information to let them gather a complete history since your last appointment.

Using Insulog

Using and activating Insulog is incredibly easy. First, you need to snap on Insulog to your insulin pen. Then, you can connect to the data on the device through their smartphone app.

At this stage in the production process, Insulog is compatible with most disposable insulin pen brands, which includes:

  • Flexpen by Novonordisk
  • Kwikpen by Eli Lilly
  • Solostar by Sanofi

The company also has a device that is a little wider to meet the size requirement for the FlexTouch by Novonordisk.

Pricing for Insulog

The price that you must pay for the Insulog set will depend on when you make the purchase. If you can buy this product while it’s still in the developing stages for $109. However, when the Insulog is officially released, it will have a retail cost of $199.

Luckily, there are a few discounts for consumers that want to buy more than one Insulog at once. You can choose to buy:

  • Two complete sets for $219 (retail: $398)
  • Six complete sets for $599 (retail: $1194)

The Indiegogo campaign was only just launched in December 2016 to give the opportunity for early birds and investors to take part.

According to the timeline provided on the website, you should receive your purchase around July 2017.

In the event that the manufacturing company is unable to gain the financial backing that they need, their advertisement assures you that they will still find a way to continue production. However, they are unclear about the impact this problem will have on the delivery date.

What’s Included

When you make your purchase, you will get everything you need to ensure that you can get the readings you need to maintain a healthy balance with your blood sugar. The complete kit includes:

  • The Insulog attachment, which comes in several different colors
  • A user guide with complete instructions
  • Free access to the compatible Insulog app for both Android and iOS devices
  • Micro USB cable charger
  • A BGM-to-phone cable for synchronizing the information

Contacting the Creators of Insulog

Since the Insulog has not even completed production yet, you probably have a lot of questions about the device and the delivery.

While there doesn’t appear to be a phone number registered for the customer service team right now, you can send you inquiries to [email protected]

There is no guarantee of how quickly you will receive a response from the department.

Insulog Summary

Insulog helps you to keep track of the most important action you take to regulate your blood sugar during diabetes.

You won’t have to worry about remembering the last time you took insulin, which will make it easier to focus on living your life instead of surviving it.

Insulog will soon be available to the public, but acting now will guarantee that you are one of the first people to try out the device for yourself.

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