Iron Athlete Elliptical 6-in-1 Cross Trainer Review

Iron Athlete Elliptical 6-in-1 Cross Trainer

The Iron Athlete Elliptical 6-in-1 Cross Trainer is a machine that helps consumers to get a full body workout, including both cardio and muscle training. The machine can work with any exercise regimen, though there’s no specific one identified.

What is the Iron Athlete Elliptical 6-in-1 Cross Trainer?

Getting a good workout is a matter of tackling multiple areas of the body for even weight loss. However, most people think that the only way to get this type of attention at the gym is to use multiple machines for each muscle group.

In fact, most people only get a gym membership to have the broad range of access that they think they need. With the IRON ATHLETE Elliptical 6-in-1 Cross Trainer, consumers don’t have to keep wasting money each month.

This cross trainer is available for commercial or home use, and is perfect for a wide range of skill sets. When exercising with the 6-in-1 cross trainer, consumers get the benefits of:

  • An Ab Twister
  • A Push Up Bar
  • A Weight Rack (with two sizes)
  • Resistance bands
  • A elliptical machine
  • A stationary bicycle

Most people already know how to perform all of these exercises. There’s no specific regimen that the consumer needs to take on, but the included manual should have directions for each of the exercises.

However studies indicate that consumers that regularly engage in a workout routine are much healthier than those that done. Use the IRON ATHLETE machine to make progress in an existing diet and exercise regimen to slim down without having to pay for a gym membership.

Pricing For the Iron Athlete Elliptical 6-in-1 Cross Trainer

The best way to make the purchase of the 6-in-1 Cross Trainer is through, though there are some other websites that offer it. The total cost of the trainer will depend on which of the Amazon sellers that offers it, though Iron Athlete USA’s selling page has it available for $208.88.

Though this purchase is not offered as part of Amazon Prime, it still comes with free shipping for consumers that purchase from Amazon. Additionally, there are no fees for taxes.


Even though there’s plenty of information available through the third-party retailers that sell this cross trainer, consumers may want to reach out to the IRON ATHLETE customer service team to learn more. While it’s a little difficult to find the contact information online, consumers should have the details with the paperwork they receive.

Iron Athlete Elliptical 6-in-1 Cross Trainer Conclusion

The Iron Athlete Elliptical 6-in-1 Cross Trainer is meant for any consumer that wants to get the best workout possible with the least amount of space necessary. The device comes with a manual and setup instructions, but the entire regimen is left up to the consumer to decide.

There’s no change to the setup of the machine, once it’s in place, because the user can effortlessly switch between the 6 different functions of the trainer.

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