iSatori LIPO-DREX Review – C3GMax Hard Hitting Thermogenic Fat Burner?


iSatori LIPO-DREX is a supplement that helps consumers to utilize a new method to help stimulate weight loss, but prevent muscles from succumbing to the loss. This treatment only requires one dose per day, which is based on the user’s weight.

What Is iSatori LIPO-DREX?

Losing weight is something that many people struggle to accomplish, regardless of how important it is to their own health. Unfortunately, while focusing on weight loss, too many people disregard the importance of their muscle, which means that they end up losing the tone that would make them look even smaller. By using a remedy like iSatori LIPO-DREX, consumers may be able to prevent this issue from occurring.

The LIPO-DREX remedy offers incredibly potency with the use of a process called “nutrient portioning.” All that really means is that calories will not become fat; they will, instead, become stored in muscle for better muscle development. Consumers still lose weight, but without losing muscles as well.

According to the advertisement, this remedy should be able to help by:

Read on below to find out what makes these effects possible.

How iSatori LIPO-DREX Works

There are multiple components in the iSatori LIPO-DREX that help with the processes that the advertisement claims it can achieve.

The first thing it handles is the metabolism with the THERMO-VAR Thermo-Burn Matrix. This blend works to help consumers improve the way that their metabolism works, speeding it up to enhance the fat-burning process.

Consumers get their energy from the same matrix, primarily using caffeine and yohimbine HCL to get the support. The creators also combine this part of the complex with a focus-based proprietary blend to help the user keep their eye on the prize.

To keep the muscles protected and maintained, the treatment includes C3GMax, which basically keeps stored fat from accumulating.


The total dosage that consumers will need to use for iSatori LIPO-DREX is primarily based on their size. For consumers under 150lbs, the serving size is just a single capsule. Adults over this weight limit should take two capsules, regardless of how far they are over the limit.

As restrictions for all sizes, the user should not take the remedy within 4 hours of their designated bedtime. The maximum dosage that consumers should take will be two capsules daily. If there is a remedy that the user wants to combine the treatment with, they should avoid stimulants, like caffeine.

Pricing For iSatori LIPO-DREX

To buy iSatori LIPO-DREX, consumers will spend $39.99 for a bottle that contains 54 capsules. Unfortunately, no subscription is available, so users will need to buy their supply for each month as needed.

While a time limit is not provided for returns, consumers will need to contact customer service to get an authorization number for any changes.

Contacting The Creators Of LIPO-DREX

Even with a FAQ on the website, consumers may be left with questions that they want to address with the customer service team. This department offers both a phone number and an email address to reach out to the team.

iSatori LIPO-DREX Conclusion

LIPO-DREX is meant to help consumers to achieve their weight loss goals, but there are certain ingredients that prioritize bulking up with muscle. Consumers should only use this treatment if they want more muscle tone, rather than preferring a lean appearance.

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