Jerome Alexander’s Concealer & Corrector Makeup?

Magic Minerals Review

If you are familiar with the concept of fairies then you would know all about pixie dust, a light sprinkle of which works magic. That stuff is not just reserved for the imagination or movies but spills over into reality through Magic Minerals by Jerome Alexander.

The Magic Minerals Compact powder is a fine product that delivers on all that is promised. Costing only $19.99, the product covers blemishes and serves as a concealer and color corrector instantly.

Features of Magic Minerals

An outstanding feature of Magic Minerals is that it is light on the face. In addition, the effect of the powder lasts 12 hours, enough to cater to the rigorous of the day and still look fab!

Also, MagicMinerals is a pure mineral powder (free of talc and fragrance), boasting of Vitamin E and Vitamin C, essential vitamins for flawless skin.

MagicMinerals comes with a color-coded functionality. Each color tells what MagicMinerals does. Pink stands for skin brightening; yellow is for concealing dark circles and evening out the skin tone; lavender is to correct sallow complexions and mint is to alleviate redness and hide breakouts.

Magic Minerals equally adjusts to your unique skin tone, a feat most makeup products are yet to achieve, and provides different shades: light, medium, medium/dark and dark.

How to Apply Magic Minerals

To get the best out of Magic Minerals, you are required to use it a certain way.

First of all, it is imperative that you only apply using the professional makeup brush that it comes with or at least, any proper makeup brush you own. Swipe the compact powder lightly with the brush and apply to your face as evenly as possible. For blending, the sponge included with the compact is recommended.

Remember to apply only to clean, moisturized face. Note that you don’t have to use foundation and concealer when using Magic Minerals. It serves multiple purposes, including serving as finishing powder.

Pros of Magic Minerals

Let’s focus on the highlights (no pun intended) of this makeup product.

  1. It is affordable. Women all over the world want makeup products that don’t cost an arm and a leg and Magic Minerals has managed to fulfill that dream while delivering on all perks promised.
  2. It serves more than one purpose. A dual function powder is somewhat common but 3-in-1 is simply fantastic.
  3. It lasts long on the face so ladies don’t have to rush to the restroom every hour to pat the nose.
  4. It is mineral-based so customers don’t have to worry about allergies or harmful non-organic products.
  5. It comes with two bonus products- a professional stubby brush and black lash extending mascara.
  6. How many of us can attest to makeup products that make ladies look like they are wearing makeup meant for movie special effects? That heavy feeling is not characteristic of MagicMinerals because it is lightweight, providing a perfect finish.
  7. It is easy to store as long as it is kept away from direct sunlight, in a cool place.
  8. MagicMinerals promises a 60-day guarantee.

How to Get Your Magic Minerals

Purchasing Magic Minerals is easy. All you have to do is to visit and place your order. A bit of magic makeup never hurt anyone and Magic Minerals is indeed magical dust that will definitely not hurt your bank account.

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