JOROTO MB20 Upright Exercise Bike Review

JOROTO MB20 Upright Exercise Bike

Exercise bikes are among the most purchased gym equipment on the planet. Apart from the fun they bring to exercising, they can also be customized to emulate specific terrain or give a particular degree of resistance.

The JOROTO MB20 Upright Exercise Bike is among the best exercise bikes currently on the market thanks to a complete and versatile design.

The exercise bike is also portable making it the ideal or home training. Not to mention, it easily connects to your tablet giving you the ability to track your workout progress. Here are some of the features that help the JOROTO MB20 Upright Exercise Bike stand out from its competition.

Features of the JOROTO MB20 Upright Exercise Bike


Nothing guarantees a lean physique or fast weight loss than compact gym equipment.

This machine’s portability makes it easy to carry along during your travels and can be easily shifted from room to room or easily stored if only used in the house. Its built-in resistance training also makes it possible to strengthen your leg and thigh muscles over time.

14.5 lbs Flywheel

Different flywheels have varying resistance levels which enable users to burn a great deal of calories over as little as 30 minutes. A belt drive system merged with magnetic resistance help provide a quiet and smooth workout.

Not to mention, the manufacturers already have a maintenance warranty in place after purchasing this product.

Textured Pedals

Remember riding the bike at a young age and tripping over the pedals almost every single time?

While learning the proper technique regarding bike pedaling is easy, the material used to construct the pedals also comes in handy in ensuring that the user does not slip off the training bike when exercising. No matter the style you use on the training bike, your safety while training is guaranteed by this feature.

Accessory Tray and Comfortable Stride

The JOROTO MB20 Upright Exercise Bike also comes with an accessory tray where you can store valuables such as your phone, keys, or MP3 player. An ergonomic 18-inch stride also ensures that the bike’s motion is comfortable while the bike remains stationary.

Bluetooth 4.0

Technology has immersed itself in almost every aspect of our lives, and it would be a shame to see such a high-end invention without some technological innovation amongst its list of features. You can connect your tablet or mobile device to this workout machine to both monitors your progress and save data from your workouts.

Aside from the features mentioned above, the JOROTO MB20 Upright Exercise Bike also has a scan function that allows you to see all the stats from your various workouts periodically.

JOROTO MB20 Upright Exercise Bike Review Summary

JOROTO MB20 Upright Exercise Bike is also made of ABS and steel making it a healthy option. With 32 digital resistance levels at the turn of a knob, exercising has never been more comfortable.

Thanks to heart rate pulse grips, you can also track your cardiovascular function easily using this exercise bike. The JOROTO MB20 Upright Exercise Bike is also affordable and comes with installation tools.

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