Kerafy Review – Real Natural-Looking Keratin Hair Building Fibers?


Kerafy is a new kind of hair loss treatment that claims to work instantly to restore lost hair follicles. Kerafy works by substituting the signs of aging with natural-looking keratin fibers.

  • Kerafy may quickly bond to the scalp of the head
  • Claims to blend easily with natural hair and is virtually undetectable
  • Makes for a full and thicker appearance instantly
  • Resistant against wind, rain, and perspiration
  • Works for both men and women
  • Fibers wash away with shampo

About Kerafy

Kerafy is a hair thinning concealer product supplying you with natural keratin fibers which cosmetically enhance thinning hair to make it seem thicker.

Derived from a natural origin, the keratin utilized to create Kerafyis nearly identical to human hair also enables the fibers to blend naturally and undetectably. It’s claimed that other keratin fibers are derived from lower-grade sources like fish bones, nails and hooves, resulting in a texture and appearance that lacks in comparison to Kerafy’s superior fibers.

The pure keratin utilized by Kerafy comes with an innate static charge that ensures fibers adhere to any hair type. Imitators made from cotton, eco friendly materials and rayon do not have this natural static charge.

Consequently, there is nothing bringing them into the hair, so they have a tendency to clump, shift or collapse onto the scalp and look unnatural. Kerafy’s advanced technology makes it possible for the fibers to resist wind, rain and perspiration.

How to Use the Kerafy Fibres?

The hair fibers adhere to the existing hair by means of static electricity. For optimum adhesion to the hair, it’s strongly recommended to apply the hair follicles when the hair is completely dry.

When you want to use gel, apply it before using the hair follicles, design the hair and let the gel dry up well. Gel makes it harder for the hair fibers to adhere correctly. Gel makes the hairs stay together, producing less hair readily available for the hair follicles to adhere to. For best results, having a gel is therefore not advisable.

For natural looking results, it’s recommended not to apply a lot of hair follicles. A little amount is usually enough to give a fantastic effect. If you apply a lot of, it might begin looking unnatural.

The number of fibers necessary is determined on a case by case basis, and depends upon your own preferences, hair condition, colour etc.. Finding the right amount to use necessitates some expertise, patience and practice. It’s easier to achieve a natural result by using fewer fibers rather than more.

That is why you need to begin with small amounts and then proceed to experiment with applying hair fibers when you desire a stronger effect.

Kerafy Review Summary

Also, you should rather use the hair follicles in layers, in many ‘stages’, rather than employing a good deal in 1 go. Apply a coating, pat with your palms onto the hair to spread the fibers out or brush the hair very gently and invisibly with a rough brush.

Determine whether you will need more fibers and then perhaps apply some more. Repeat this until you’re delighted with the outcome.

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