L2 Fitness Summit Vol 1 Review

L2 Fitness Summit Vol 1

What Is L2 Fitness Summit Vol 1?

L2 Fitness Summit Vol 1 is a fitness program created by two different people, Dr. Mike Israetel and Dean Somerset. Dr. Mike is a hypertrophy concepts and Dean is for assessments, together they have created the ultimate fitness program.

It’s a program designed to help rid clients of pain. If you want to know how to be one of the top of the line trainers, help your clients and build muscle without taking years to learn how to help people get results than this system is for you.

There are over eleven hours of training in the offer and it’s only $97. The system is designed for people who want to help their clients get rid of pain. It’s for people who want to build muscle, but not have to waist a lifetime never getting results.

How Does L2 Fitness Summit Vol 1 Work?

The goal of the L2 Fitness Summit Vol 1 is to give people cutting edge info on fitness. It’s mainly for fitness professionals and helps them make choices that are better for their clients. It teaches about how trainers can help clients get the results they’re looking for in less time. It’s also full of content on training that has never before been seen.

There are areas of mastering assessments that helps trainers assess their client’s mistakes in the correct fashion. This in turn will help trainers reduce their client’s chances of creating pain and injury to themselves. Apparently, there are some very real and easy tricks that can be used to help clients progress in a healthier way.

Another of the areas they cover is that of the Scientific Principles of Hypertrophy. They apparently can help people stop wasting time, watching the clock spin trying to build muscle without results.

The training will essentially help shorten the time that clients need to spend training. And Dr. Mike also helps focus on better training and nutrition. The training is designed for specifically for building muscle and teaching people to train properly.

The first of the speakers and trainers of the summit, Dean Somerset is an expert in human physiology. He’s an exercise physiologist that has developed a specialty in injuries and post-rehab processes. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field and has worked with several different professional athletes.

Dean has also worked with Olympic athletes and even doctors. Working with doctors, he’s learned a deep understanding of post-surgical recovery and congenital disorders. Dean has even gone so far to work with patients who have suffered from heart issues.

He’s worked very closely with cardiac recovery patients and those who are just looking to improve their movements and feelings on a day to day basis. He’s also considered a leading authority on mobility, general fitness and strength training.

The second of the two is Dr. Mike Israetel. He is considered one of the most knowledged specialists in the field of fitness and sports. He holds a PhD in Sports Physiology. In recent years he’s been the Head Science Consultant for Renaissance Periodization.

In the past he was professor of exercise and sports science at the School of Public Health at Temple of University in Philadelphia. He’s been a teacher in the past and has taught courses like Public Health and Nutrition.

He’s also taught courses about Advanced Sports Nutrition and Exercise and Nutrition. Not only that but he has also taught courses about Human Behavior and even consulted the United States Olympic Training Site in Tennessee.

Mike has spoken at several events in the past and conferences focused around fitness and health. He’s been a coach for several different professional athletes, even those in other countries. He’s considered one of the leading experts in sports nutrition and fitness. He has a deep understanding of weight training and competes in bodybuilding and MMA as well.

There are several different areas they cover. They train how to effectively assess clients using the summit program. As well when the best time to use body composition assessments is.

Not only that, but you’ll learn about what exercises are best for clients and how to help them improve according to their anatomy. They also teach how to change training programs when needed.

Another aspect is how to use different corrective strategies into your training program. Their assessments are said to be ideal for structuring an entire training program for clients that will help them according to their specific needs.

And that is only a portion of the assessment part of the summit. There is also the training focused around Hypertrophy and it will teach how to structure volume in a training program without hurting them or causing the negative effects of overtraining.

Other areas include specialization in Autoregulation of training stress and training intensity just to name a few. There is also nutrition of hypertrophy and deep insights in common nutritional pitfalls.

The Bottom Line on L2 Fitness Summit Vol 1

Basically, if you’re looking for a way to improve your effectiveness as a trainer and truly help your clients, then L2 Fitness Summit Vol 1 is the ideal training summit for you.

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