Les Karites Lovea Serum With Shea Oil Review

Les Karites Lovea Serum With Shea Oil

Les Karites Lovea Serum With Shea Oil is a hair care remedy that restores the soft texture of your follicles and strands to create the right amount of nutrition.

This remedy is currently out of stock for most websites, but you may be able to secure your place on the waiting list of one of the different retailers.

What is Les Karites Lovea Serum With Shea Oil?

Keeping your body healthy involves a lot of commitment. You have to support your digestive system with the right balance of nutrition, and you have to do the same for your skin type as well. There are plenty of supplements and skincare companies available to meet both needs. However, you also need to find a way to offer the same nourishment and protection to your hair.

While many hair care products claim to have the best support, you need to base your decision on the ingredients and performance. Much like the other products from Les Karites, the Lovea Serum is the perfect way to nourish your hair, especially if you tend to put it through stress.

The Les Karites Lovea Serum offers all the benefits that you can find by using any of the formulas from the line of products. This remedy is meant to improve the moisture in your hair, though the rest of the product line also helps you to nourish multiple areas of your body.

With the regular use of this serum, or any other remedy from the Les Karites line of products, you can:

This treatment won’t leave you feeling greasy, and offers a lightweight texture that won’t weigh your hair down or make your skin feel clogged. If you want to treat your body with a formula that offers monumental moisture, the Les Karites Lovea Serum With Shea Oil is the way to go.

How Does Les Karites Lovea Serum With Shea Oil Work?

Most remedies that deliver this level of moisture rely on shea butter alone. Shea butter is an excellent way to soften and nourish your both your scalp and your locks, which should be limited to hair types that are dry or normal. If your hair is oily, it will only increase this substance, which can ruin your hair.

This serum adds other ingredients to make it effective in improving your hair, ensuring that you will be able to both balance moisture and nourish the general needs of your scalp.

While specific ingredients are not listed, you’ll soon find that natural milks, proteins, and vitamins are responsible for this balance. Your skin requires a certain amount of structure in its treatment, since shea butter alone can be overpowering.

There’s no way to tell how many or what kind of vitamins are available, though your hair thrives on keratin, biotin, and others. Protein in these hair treatments often includes amino acids that are critical to maintaining the structure and strength of your hair.

The milks give it the nourishing texture, while supplying you with a level of nutrition that you can’t find from a chemical blend. You may be able to find a specific list of ingredients on the label or with the packaging.

Using the Les Karites Lovea Serum With Shea Oil

While the websites are limited in their information about the usage of this remedy, you most likely will benefit from using it on your hair after your shower.

You should wash and towel-dry your hair, leaving it slightly damp as you comb it. Then, you can work this serum through it to help with the softened texture of your hair as it dries. However, your hair can also benefit from the nourishing qualities of the serum after blow drying.

For the best results, you may want to include other Les Karites products in your regimen. They currently offer a:

  • Hair treatment cream
  • Shampoo
  • Hair and nails cream

These remedies can be used in conjunction with the serum. However, the only adjustment you may need to make to your routine is to shampoo your hair before using the serum. Otherwise, you lose all the nutrition in the blend by washing it out.

Pricing for Les Karites Lovea Serum with Shea Oil

The total price you will have to pay for the Lovea Serum will entirely depend on where you to go make the purchase. Most of the online retailers come from businesses that are in France, but the greater issue seems to be the limited availability.

Right now, it appears that a website currently offers the remedy for 72 EGP ($4.00), though others give you the option to be notified when it becomes available.

Contacting the Creators of Les Karites Lovea Serum With Shea Oil

Even though there are many websites that offer information about the Lovea Serum, you may want to go directly to the source to answer your questions. The customer service team offers the ability to call or email the company.

To call the company, you will need to prepare for international charges, unless you’re located in France. The phone number is 450-442-2545, but no hours of operation are listed. You can send an email to [email protected] instead, or you can fill out the online form on http://www.laboratoirecosmepro.com/en-ca/info/contact-us/.

Les Karites Lovea Serum With Shea Oil Review Summary

Les Karites Lovea Serum is a great way to give support to your complexion and your scalp, depending on your needs.

With this intense level of moisture, you can finally protect yourself from the damage that the environment and even your regular hair styling routine. If you want to finally deliver the moisture that your body desperately needs topically, then Les Karites Lovea Serum can help.

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