Lifeway Kefir Women’s Radiant Health Probiotics Review


Women’s Radiant Health Probiotics, or simply Radiant Health for short, is a supplement designed to meet the unique health needs of women through the use of probiotics and prebiotics.

Here’s our Radiant Health review.

What Is Women’s Radiant Health Probiotics?

Radiant Health comes in bottles of 30 one-a-day capsules, filled with 11 targeted probiotic cultures, a blend of vitamins and extracts, and prebiotics to provide food for the probiotic cultures.

Ingredients are chosen to support vaginal and urinary tract health.

Radiant Health is vegan-friendly, allergen free and gluten free.

Women’s Radiant Health Probiotics Features: How Does It Work?

Radiant Health combines probiotics that are proven to provide better digestive health and considered to protect against bacterial vaginosis and promote good vaginal and urinary tract health.

Radiant Health also includes Dermaval, a proprietary supplement sourced from antioxidant-rich fruits to provide better skin health by reducing the body’s elastase, an enzyme that has been linked to the degradation of skin and connective tissue elasticity.

Who Makes Women’s Radiant Health Probiotics?

Radiant Health is a product of Lifeway Foods Inc, a company founded in 1986 in Illinois by Russian immigrant Michael Smolyansky, after he began making Kefir, a fermented milk beverage popular in Eastern Europe similar to yogurt, in his home.

Over the last 30 years, Lifeway has grown to become a major producer of Kefir and and Kefir-based products, notable for their nutritional and probiotic content.

Today, Lifeway is run by Michael’s daughter Julie, who became the youngest head of a publicly-traded company when she took over as President and CEO at the age of 27, and his son Edward, who serves as the Chief Operating Officer for the company.

Today, Lifeway makes whole milk and low fat organic Kefir for children and adults along with Kefir-based frozen desserts, dips, and cheeses.

Lifeway also makes an entire line of probiotic-based nutritional supplements, one of which being Radiant Health.

Women’s Radiant Health Probiotics Ingredients

Radiant Health is made from several different strains of Bifidobacterium, Lactobacillus, and Streptococcus, three different types of probiotics proven to provide excellent gut health and to support women’s health.

These probiotics are supported by Inulin, a prebiotic fiber that provides food for these beneficial bacteria to flourish within the body.

Additionally, Radiant Health includes 50mg of Dermaval, a proprietary blend of extracts made from pomegranates, green tea, asparagus, coffee, Brazilian cherries, Acai berries, Mangosteen, Sophora Japonica, and Camu Camu, which acts to prevent the formation of elastase in the human body.

Radiant Health also includes 50mg of cranberry extract in each capsule to provide urinary tract health support.

Women’s Radiant Health Probiotics Pricing

There’s no product pricing available on the Lifeway website regarding how much Radiant Health retails for, as Lifeway does not sell its products directly.

However, Lifeway products are carried by a number of different retailers.

The Lifeway site does have a product locator, and the company’s products are sold at several locations like supermarkets, specialty grocery stores, and pharmacies.

However, this again does not provide any guidance in regards to pricing.

Women’s Radiant Health Probiotics Reviews: What Do Customers Have To Say?

Radiant Health doesn’t have any reviews that we were able to find anywhere on the internet.

However, Lifeway has many different products, and its Kefir drinks have a long history of being reviewed by mostly satisfied customers.

In fact, on social media site Influenster, Lifeway’s core Kefir products received 4.5 out of 5 stars across 455 reviews.

74 percent of these reviews were for 5 stars. This indicates that while there’s no information for Radiant Health, Lifeway has a highly positive reputation when it comes to their core Kefir product line.


  • Clinically Proven – Probiotic action on the human body has been clinically proven to improve gut health and has been used to treat any number of gastrointestinal ailments.
  • Probiotics have also shown great promise in providing higher levels of vaginal and urinary health.


  • Lack of Information –While we know what’s in Radiant Health and how these ingredients are supposed to work, iIt’s very difficult to provide objective information on the product because of the complete lack of independent information.
  • We can’t even tell you how much it retails for.

Should You Buy Women’s Radiant Health Probiotics?

We’re partially hamstrung when it comes to reviewing Radiant Health, since there’s plenty of information that’s just missing.

Chief among this is the retail price of the supplement.

This will require anyone who goes shopping for Radiant Health in a supermarket or specialty grocery store to come to their own conclusions about the cost of the product.

That issue aside, we feel relatively confident in recommending that you give Radiant Health at least a fair shake, provided you can afford it.

Lifeway has a well-earned reputation for providing probiotic-rich Kefir-based products, and making the move to marketing stand-alone probiotic supplements isn’t much of a leap for a company that’s been in business for over 30 years.

Overall, we do feel that Radiant Health may be a beneficial product, based on the positive reputation of its parent company and the general science behind probiotics for women’s health.

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