Liner Ready Review – Long Lasting Semi-Permanent Tattoo Eyeliner?

Liner Ready

Liner Ready is a cosmetic that acts as a semi-permanent eyeliner to help consumers get the performance they want from their makeup. The product is available in either brown or black, depending on the preference of the wearer.

What Is Liner Ready?

Everyone wants to look their best when they get ready in the morning, and eyeliner is one of the most popular types of makeup to achieve the desired effect. It can make a smoky eye, it can help the wear look demurer, and it can make the eyes really pop.

However, the biggest problem that most people run into is that their makeup does not last all day. All it takes is a sweaty summer day, or a little rain, to completely ruin the look of someone’s eyeliner. While some waterproof formulas may work, there is never quite been something like Liner Ready.

Liner Ready has a felt tip to apply the liquid eyeliner to the skin. This liquid has a special formula that keeps it from smudging or running away from the original place the user applied it. The color offers natural ingredients to create a stain, rather than just a regular liner liquid.

Read on below to find out exactly how Liner Ready keeps its play on the skin, and how healthy the ingredients actually are.

How Does Liner Ready Work?

Even though most eyeliners are filled with chemicals and fake coloring, consumers will find that Liner Ready actually has some impressive, plant-based ingredients. The only two ingredients listed on the website are Black Walnut Shell extract and Philodendron Bark, which have long-lasting coloring effects, but also have impressive benefits.

Black Walnut Shell extract has a natural substance called juglone, which has tons of benefits. It has the power to reduce bacteria, remove the risk of viral infection, reject parasites, and even protect the eyes from fungal infections. It is sometimes used as part of a face wash to treat ringworm and yeast infections.

Philodendron Bark is a crucial ingredient in many types of medicine. Typically, it is ingested to help with digestive conditions, though it also treats eye infections.

Using Liner Ready

The great part is that consumers can use Liner Ready for any kind of eyeliner application that they normally do in their makeup routine. They can use the liner on their upper or lower lid, as long as they keep in mind that it acts as a semi-permanent tattoo for themselves. In fact, as soon as the eyeliner sets (which takes mere seconds), it will last up to five days, completely resistant to washing and even tears.

When the user wants to remove the remaining eyeliner from their lids, they will need to use a makeup remover that is specific to cosmetics for the eyes.


To buy the Liner Ready cosmetics, the total cost is $14.99, which gives the user a 2-pack of the eyeliners in either black or brown. Consumers will not be able to mix and match the shipment, and they are responsible for covering the $4.99 shipping fee.

If this eyeliner does not work for the user, or it irritates their skin, the consumer has up to 60 days to initiate a full refund.

Contacting The Creators Of Liner Ready

Even though there is not much more to learn about this wonderful eyeliner, there are some consumers that still want to learn more details through customer service. The team provides a form on the website with more information, though consumers can also call (800) 510-8384 to get ahold of someone.

The customer service team is available from 8:00am to 10:00pm EST on weekdays.

Liner Ready Conclusion

Liner Ready is meant for any consumer that wants to have their makeup look for a little longer than just an evening. There is usually a risk of getting bacteria in the eyes, or damaging the skin in the process, but the ingredients included in the eyeliner actually help to reduce the amount contaminants.

There is no evidence to show that Liner Ready protects the eyes from infection, so consumers will still need to use the liner with caution, washing their face nightly.

Buy Liner Ready Review – Long Lasting Semi-Permanent Tattoo Eyeliner?

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