LiquiVive Liquid Collagen Protein Peptides Review

LiquiVive Liquid Collagen Protein Peptides

Aging is no secret to anyone, every person who is ever born has to undergo this transitionary process wherein our visible features start to deteriorate and shrivel. Even though ageing is a completely natural process, it can be a source of distress and anxiety for many people, especially women.

In a psychological survey conducted in the year 2012, it was found that in the United States women over 30 lived with constant fear and anxiety in regards to their appearance and overall health. This is because society (especially corporate environments) demands that we look our best at all times, and any signs of unkemptness can be perceived as a lack of self esteem and self worth.

In terms of the visible signs of ageing, one of the first casualties to be affected with age is our ‘skin’. As we grow older, our skin starts to shrivel up due to a loss in natural elasticity. Also, with the constant influx of environmental agents, the epidermal layer is constantly faced with immense pressure. Thus, after the age of 35 it becomes difficult to maintain naturally vibrant skin without the use of any cosmetic products.

In terms of options, there are many supplements that one can choose from to spruce up one’s appearance. There are creams, serums, moisturizers and other beauty products that can help users keep their skin fresh and hydrated.

However, researchers have found that creams and other topical agents can cause various depositions within our skin layers, and can at a later stage cause issues like cancer, rapid ageing, skin problems. Thus, it is best to use naturally composed products which do not interfere with the natural working order of our bodies.

About LiquiVive Liquid Collagen Protein Peptides

LiquiVive Liquid Collagen Protein Peptides is an all new all new ‘anti ageing solution’ that employs the use of collagen to tighten our skin, and give it its natural radiance back. Before describing the product in further detail, it is important to understand the working of ‘collagen’, and how it affects our skin.

Collagen is a structural protein that is one of the most abundant substances in our bodies. It is found in our bones, skin, blood vessels, digestive system and tendons, and is what helps give our skin strength and elasticity, along with replacing dead skin cells. Thus, when the levels of the protein compound begin to drop, our skin starts to sag because it is not able to replace cells efficiently aymore.

In a recent study it was found that people lose 1-2% of their overall collagen content every year after age 30. Thus the physical signs of ageing become more apparent.

LiquiVive collagen support has been described as a “unique, proprietary and essential anti-aging supplement that targets skin care problems and supports overall skin, hair and connective tissue function throughout the entire body”. Due to its natural medicinal benefits, the supplement has also been shown to support the reduction of body fat, while maintaining and building lean muscle tissue in a user’s body.

Why LiquiVive Liquid Collagen Protein Peptides?

When talking about composition and formulation, Liquivive is distinctive in nature. It features a highly potent and largely absorbable formula when compared to other standard collagen products (pills, tablets and powders). The key issue with collagen pills and tablets is that they are usually tough to metabolise and need to be broken down completely for any benefits to be harvested (leaving the body with only collagen traces and remnants).

However, LiquiVive Liquid Collagen Protein Peptides is a liquid collagen peptide formula that has been clinically found to possess a high absorption ratio . Also, because it’s’ predigested and hydrolyzed’ in a unique and proprietary liquid blend with natural enzymes, it is easy to reduce and extract maximum benefits from.

Benefits Of Using LiquiVive Liquid Collagen Protein Peptides

  • Strength and Bone density: apart from its skin benefits, Collagen can also be thought of as the mechanical strength support system of our bones, joints and the entire skeletal structure of our body.
  • Repair: regular use of collagen has been found to repair and build connective tissue in our structural network. This results in improved elasticity, enhanced blood vessel quality and an overall increase in our blood circulation capacity. Some studies have even indicated that collagen can help promote wound healing and a clearer complexion.
  • Hair Loss: Recent scientific data has pointed to the fact that Collagen can be useful in the growth of new hair. It can even reduce symptoms of Male Pattern Balding in some cases.

Customer Reviews

Customer opinions regarding this product have been fairly good. Based on a weighted average of over 200 reviews, Liquivive received an average rating of ⅘ stars on

Some satisfied customers include Caroline C who says “I’m just into my 3rd bottle and I love the effects on my hair, skin and nails! My knees and hips don’t hurt, and i feel much more comfortable now. You have to take it nightly. I take 2 tablespoons every night at bedtime. 2 full bottles in and about a quarter into the 3rd.”

Similarly, Christina Johnson says “This stuff is good. I noticed my skin looking better and if you cannot sleep, this stuff works. It makes me so sleepy and I am a person that doesn’t sleep much, but this stuff knocked me out. The taste isn’t bad like some people complain about. If you like sour candy, you will like the taste. Tastes like a sour patch kid candy.”

LiquiVive Liquid Collagen Protein Peptides Pricing and Availability

Each bottle of Liquivive contains 16 fl oz of the solution and is priced at $28.41. The dosage directions have been clearly outlined on the label outside. In terms of purchasing options, the easiest way to buy is through the company’s amazon portal.

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