Magnum Thrust Review – Best Male Amplifying Testosterone Booster?

Magnum Thrust Product

Test boosters are becoming highly sought after these days, this is in part due to the growing ailments many men are facing in terms of their sexual capacities.

With each passing year after the age of 35, many men start to experience a variety of conditions which can severely affect their overall sexual functionality.

Issues like low semen production, male pattern baldness, erectile dysfunction become more common because they are directly related to the amount of testosterone that is is being produced by our bodies at any given point.

To optimize this production, people can choose a variety of different paths. One can use external supplements, herbal mixes, nutritional agents, meal plans to tweak the working of our pineal gland.

This gland can be thought of as the center for all integral functions in our bodies, it controls the production rate of various key enzymes and hormones in our system.

Thus, if the gland is running smoothly, the production of testosterone can occur at an optimal rate.

In terms of supplementary options, today there are many natural options available. Through the use of plant and herbal extracts, many of today’s supplements help revitalize our neural network.

Ths allows for the transfer of key receptors to occur without any interruption, thereby allowing for an uninterrupted supply of testosterone into our bloodstream.

However, due to many new chemically synthesized products in today’s market, researchers have warned customers to stay away from such supplements.

This is because, many of these supplements have been found to cause dependency and other such issues at later stages of one’s life.

About Magnum Thrust

Magnum Thrust is an all new male enhancement supplement that aims to help users naturally boost their internal hormone production mechanisms.

Through the use of natural extracts, Thrust hopes to bring about an optimization of our Pineal Gland.

This allows users to greatly expand their ‘free testosterone’ capacity, and conversely convert all of these free hormones into usable testosterone.

In order to make the product safe for long term use, the manufacturer has added only herbal extracts and has also supplied various case studies which verify the potency of the product.

Thus interested users may want to check these studies out so that they can have a fair idea of what they are essentially consuming.

Key benefits

  • Test Increase: the supplement has been found to aid in the rapid increase of our test testosterone levels.

It achieves this via a gradual increase in receptor sensitivity. This enhanced neural interaction can greatly enhance our overall levels of ‘post-cycle testosterone’.

  • Muscle Growth: an often overlooked aspect of test boosters is the muscle development factor, through the use of potent active agents in the mix, Thrust is able to bring about visible muscular development in one’s body.

It helps increase the transfer rate of proteins into our cellular energy stes, where they are reduced to amino derivatives and used for muscle fibre development.

  • Sleep: many people don’t know, but when hormone production efficiency is occurring at an optimal rate, a person can greatly improve the quality of their sleep.

Good levels of testosterone can help in in the induction of REM, which is known to relax muscles and aid in faster recovery.

  • Sexual capacity: there are many vasodilators in Thrust, they help expand our arteries and veins, and allow for a more continuous flow of blood into our groin region.

When our penis and testicles receive adequate amounts of iron, oxygen, blood, since, they are able to function to their utmost capacity, hence allowing us to greatly improve our overall sexual performance.

Customer Reviews

All of the reviews for the product have been fairly good, men from all age groups have attested to the potency and efficacy of Thrust.

Satisfied customers include Yourri Babin “I Love this product, it offers me with a nice gain of strength and power (i say this from experience after having used 2 bottles in a row ).

The only issue i have with Magnum is the product cost, other than that it is an amazing product”. Similarly, James Michiner says “This product is amazing, the sleep I am getting and the strength gains so far have been phenomenal. Staple in my supplement stack”.

Lastly, Deron Gamble says “Not only does it help keep my test levels up, but it creates a deeper REM cycle sleep so that I can feel more rested.

Not to mention my added strength and muscle density. Great product. Magnum does it again!”.

Pricing and Availability

Each bottle of Magnum Thrust contains 120 capsules and is priced at $79.90. There are options to add other products (Magnum Nutraceutical supplements) to obtain discounts.

In terms of dosage, 3 pills in the morning and then 3 again before one’s bedtime should be consumed.

The supplement is ideally consumed on an empty stomach, so that maximum absorption can take place.

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