Mentholatum Review – Vaporizing Rubs & Muscle/Joint Pain Relief Ointments?


There are many large non-pharmaceutical health product manufacturers in the healthcare industry, offering a wide range of products.

You might not be aware, but many of the most popular health care items and products are made by the same parent company, who manufacture wide ranges of different products that use similar ingredients.

Mentholatum is one such company. Providing high quality menthol-based healthcare products to the world for over 125 years, Mentholatum has grown from a small, family-owned soap company to a massive international manufacturer and distributer of health care items.

In this article, we’ll take a look at Mentholatum and their product line, as well as finding out a little about the history of the company.

Who Are Mentholatum?

Mentholatum was founded more than a century ago in Wichita, Kansas. Starting out as a small, family owned toiletries and soaps company, Mentholatum was founded in 1889 and, over the course of a century, grew into one of the largest health and wellness product manufacturers in the world.

The success of Mentholatum led to becoming acquired just a little under a century after its humble beginnings by the Rohto Pharmaceutical Company.

Under the guidance of Rohto, a Japanese medicine and consumer health care product manufacturer that, like Mentholatum, was founded in the late 1880’s, Mentholatum now provides high quality, innovative, and effective products to more than 110 countries worldwide in a wide range of products.

The Mentholatum Range of Products

Mentholatum manufacture and distribute an extensive range of products, most of which are based around menthol, with some exceptions to the rule.

Mentholatum have a reputation for providing high quality, reliable products that are able to deliver on the promises they make. We’ll proceed to break down the various Mentholatum product ranges and the products in them:

Skin Care

The skin care range that is developed and distributed by Mentholatum is one of their biggest selections.

Beginning with Oxy, an innovative acne care treatment, the skincare line provided by Mentholatum is one of the most popular ranges in the world. Both Oxy and Oxy Maximum Action us benzoyl peroxide, a dermatologist-approved acne treatment, to deliver clear and healthy skin.

The skin care line also includes Hada Labo Tokyo, a comprehensive line of deeply nourishing anti-aging solutions. Hada Labo Tokyo products are free from parabens and sulfates, making them highly effective and nutritious without damaging skin.

Finally, Phisoderm makes up the last element of the Mentholatum skin care line. Offering a gentle but effective facial cleansing solution, Phisoderm uses unique Skin Balancing Technology to remove makeup, oil, and dirt without drying out delicate or sensitive skin.

Eye Care

The Mentholatum eye care range consists of Rohto Cooling Eye Drops. The number one selling eye drop in Japan for the last 40 years, Rohto Cooling Eye Drops use a unique formula that incorporates FreshKick technology that refreshes and soothes eyes for up to eight hours in one drop.

Rohto Cooling Eye Drops are specifically formulated to deliver relief from eye strain, dusty environments, pollen, and late night tired eyes.

Lip Care

The Mentholatum Lip Care line consists of two products, the first of which is Softlips. Softlips is a hydrating, soft, and powerful conditioning lip gloss that protects the skin of the lips from the elements with a range of unique flavors and colors.

The second item in the Mentholatum lip care range is Natural Ice, a lip balm that integrates SPF 15 sun protection and delivers a soothing, cooling menthol sensation.

Pain Relief

Mentholatum also leverage the soothing power of menthol to offer two different topical pain relief products. The first product in the line, WellPatch, is a topical pain relief patch that is designed to be used for soothing tired, stiff muscles. The range includes warming, capsaicin pain relief, backache, and migraine pain relief patches.

The second product in the Mentholatum pain relief line is Mentholatum Deep Heating Rub, which is a greaseless, mess-free, and fast acting pain relief rub that can be used to relieve sore muscles and aching joints.

Cough & Cold Relief

Mentholatum also offer cough and cold relief in the form of a medication free vaporizing ointment rub series that consists of three different topical lotions. The Mentholatum Original Ointment is made with 100% natural ingredients and delivers aromatic vapors that help to soothe congestion.

Mentholatum Cherry Vaporizing Rub for Kids is a similar formula designed for children, while the Nighttime Vaporizing Rub solution is intended to deliver all-night relief from the symptoms of a cold or cough.

Oral Care

The oral care line provided by Mentholatum consists of two different product series. The first, Red Cross Toothache, is comprised of three different treatment options- Red Cross Toothache, Oral Pain, and Canker Sore.

The toothache blend provides Eugenol oil for pain relief, while the oral pain blend contains Benzocaine for instant analgesic action. Lastly, the Canker sore option uses natural herbs to form a long-lasting protective layer.

The second element of the Mentholatum oral care line is Snug, a denture cushion solution that is designed to hold dentures tightly but comfortably against the gums, ideal for temporary aid until professional denture reconstruction can be performed.


The final product line offered by Mentholatum is their laxative line, which consists of a single product- Fletcher’s Laxative.

Fletcher’s is a laxative solution formulated specifically for children that delivers fast, effective, and safe relief from constipation through a natural combination of ingredients that are flavored with root beer, making it easy to administer.

The Fletcher’s formula has remained largely unchanged since 1871, and is one of the most trusted names in children’s health care, working in just six hours.

Mentholatum Review Summary

The Mentholatum name is one of the most respected and trusted brands in the menthol health care industry and follows a positive company philosophy of using natural, safe formulas that are free from parabens, sulfates, and other artificial chemical solutions.

If you’re looking for a reliable, effective, and fast-acting health solution that involves menthol, Mentholatum provides the best products available.

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