Miracol Revitalizing Cream Review – Deep-Cleansing Formula For All Skin Types?

Miracol Revitalizing Cream

People seeking to diminish their acne or incorporate anti-aging products into their skincare routine should take a look at Miracol Revitalizing Cream from Merle Norman Cosmetics.

This facial mask helps to decrease pore size and remove impurities and excess oil from the skin. Please continue reading for more information on this powerful deep-cleansing mask.

What is Miracol Revitalizing Cream?

Relying on the natural properties of albumen to refine and smooth skin, this mask tackles both acne flare ups and signs of aging.

Ideal for acne sufferers and consumers seeking anti-aging benefits alike, Miracol Revitalizing Cream decreases unnecessary oils and removes impurities, leaving skin clearer and softer. Pores and lines are reduced after continual use, promoting a healthy and fresh look.

How Does the Miracol Revitalizing Cream Work?

Similar to the Miracol Revitalizing Cream, this cream aids in alleviating acne and signs of aging in the skin. However, instead of being applied as a thinner lotion, this is a creamier version of the facial mask and does not require a brush for application. For this reason, it might be slightly more moisturizing than the lotion or might otherwise offer a more comfortable application for the same reward.

Users should apply the cream onto clean skin with the fingertips and let dry for 10-15 minutes, being careful to avoid sensitive areas such as the eyes and mouth. The mask is then gently washed off to reveal smoother, softer skin. It is not necessarily intended to be used daily but can be incorporated into a regular skincare routine.

Many online reviewers claim they saw their skin improve after using the mask, though some offer slightly different methods of how to use it. Some opt to supplement it with several different skincare products from different manufacturers to meet their specific needs, while others have a simpler routine.

While apparently marketed towards women, there is no evidence to suggest that this product would not work equally as well for men.


Albumen is the active ingredient in this cream and is derived from egg whites. This is widely accepted as a natural way to help clear and firm the skin, thereby reducing pore size and excess oil.

Pricing For Miracol Revitalizing Cream

Manufactured and sold by Merle Norman Cosmetics, this cream sold in 6 oz. bottles which are available in store, though the price does not appear to be available online. It seems that the company does not accept online orders.

Alternatively, it is available through Amazon for $55, though it is not clear if this is similar to the Merle Norman price. One reviewer claims that the cream is sold for $15-20 in store so further investigation might be recommended before purchasing if price is an issue.

Should You Use the Miracol Revitalizing Cream?

There are not many reviews online though most seem to be positive of those available. Hence, this might be a worthwhile product for those desiring a purifying and cleansing cream.

As with most skin care products, individual reactions are unique and products should be thoroughly researched.

Those seeking more information may go to www.merlenorman.com/product-detail/face-skin/mask/miracol-revitalizing-cream.

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