Misty Tripoli’s Body Groove Review

Misty Tripoli's Body Groove

Two things we know we need, but struggle the most to stay consistent with are proper nutrition and exercise. Let’s start with the world of exercise and physical activity. Chances are somewhere in your life you joined a gym and may or may not have used its benefits. You may have considered taking up running or a sport of some sort.

Or, there may have been other ways you wanted to invest in your physical well-being but getting to a gym, or hitting the pavement became so much of a chore. And, what’s worse is that sometimes, our bodies simply don’t respond to those types of specific exercises.

Did we ever take a moment to stop and think what our body wants and/or needs? Probably not. That is, until you have heard Misty Tripoli’s story. You see, Misty was a top fitness instructor in Los Angeles for years. And although she was teaching classes all the time, she still found that her body was not in the shape she wanted. And, because of the environment the L.A. scene brings – she felt a constant pressure to be thinner.

On her Body Groove website, she shares her battles with the mirror (and scales) and also talks about for seventeen (17) years struggling with an eating disorder called Bulimia.

Misty Found Herself in a Place of Extreme Unhappiness

That is until one day it hit her. She experienced a moment that changed her life, and now, the lives of millions. She quit her job, packed everything up she could, sold the rest and moved to the Caribbean. While there, she launched something called Global Dance Movement and has been inspiring people ever since to get their groove on.

Her program, found here in Body Groove, shows you a few steps in each song and Misty encourages you, to do the rest. Let your body take you in movement where it wants to go. Feel the music, the vibe, the groove.

When she adopted this way of exercise and movement, she describes seeing changes in her body that she longed to see and never did with her intense workouts and teaching schedules. She describes Misty Tripoli’s Body Groove as an experience not only an exercise routine. It is more than that.

She believes, that many people all over the world struggle with self-image, self-esteem, etc. and this is her way of showing them, it is OK. Bringing back the quote – dance like no one is watching. She wants you to feel the music, move within it, and your body will thank you.

More About the Misty Tripoli’s Body Groove Mission

As mentioned above, Misty is the founder of Body Groove and the Global Dance Movement. Her goal is to share amazing music and teach people everything she has learned through her delicious life. She mentions on her website that her mission is truly to help you break free from whatever is truly holding you back. Misty’s goal is to help you do what you love and explore that, create that and dance that out!

Dancing, can be incredibly liberating for a lot of people. Even the coined phrase ‘happy dance’ is well versed especially in North American culture. The best part about dancing for creativity, or to let loose is that you do not need to be a great dancer. Creative movement through dance is quite therapeutic and recommended for people of all ages.

Dancing keeps you active and mobile, you can dance from a chair even if you wanted to. The music allows you to close your eyes and just move.

It is probable, that the Caribbean culture of living helped elicit this freedom of dance too. Their moves are passionate and in tune with a variety of different beats and rhythms. Dancing is a form of celebration, of love, or creativity, of storytelling and so much more. We mention this because moving there was is where Misty’s global movement was launched.

On the Body Groove website, Misty also runs a blog that appears to be active, although posts are months apart. Through these blog posts, she shares parts of her story, her journey and her mission through both videos and written form that you are welcome to view.

Misty Tripoli’s Body Groove DVD’s, Retreats and Workshops

There are five (5) DVD’s currently offered through the website that feature a workout anyone can do. The cost of all five (5) programs is only $39.00 and comes on two (2) full length DVD’s. There are countless reviews on the website of happy and what would appear to be satisfied customers all of which reviewed her Body Groove on a Facebook Page.

In addition to the fitness DVD’s, Misty also offers retreats and an online workshop that features both the Misty Tripoli’s Body Groove workout series accompanied by the Discover Your Groove workshop. This program retails now for $89.00 (regular price is $449.00) It includes various workout series, instant streaming videos, streaming music and audio as well a couple bonus modules.

Overall, Body Groove and its founder, Misty has put a lot of valuable and lived experience into this workout program. It is suitable for anybody and is not only beneficial to your body – but it can be probable that it will greatly affect your mental and happiness state too!

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