MuscleTech Mass Tech X5 Review

MuscleTech Mass Tech X5

Adults who are looking for a way to enhance their athletic performance may want to give this new product by MuscleTech a try. Mass Tech X5 is formulated to give men and women the extra support needed for both anabolic and aerobic muscle building.

MuscleTech Mass Tech X5 is a daily supplement that offers both rapid absorption for immediate support as well as slow release ingredients that keep muscles growing throughout the day and night even when the body is at rest.

An overview of MuscleTech Mass Tech X5 is available below.

What is MuscleTech Mass Tech X5?

Those looking for one of the best supplements for supporting their mass gaining and muscle building efforts will want to consider Mass Tech X5 by supplement giant MuscleTech.

The mix of ingredients are chosen for both fast and slow release results ensuring that users have the support needed to not only push their work out to the max but also continue to develop lean muscle mass outside them gym.

Peak ATP and MCT Oil are two ingredients gaining in popularity for their ability to make supplements faster acting and more effective at delivering rapid mass gains.

How Does MuscleTech Mass Tech X5 Work?

The capsule technology used with this product makes it deliver ingredients rapidly but also times the distribution for maximum effectiveness.

The liquid component is highly bioavailable delivering almost immediate effects while the micronized powder releases into the bloodstream overtime keeping muscle support continuous throughout the day. Users simply take four capsules of MuscleTech Mass Tech X5 daily. This can be taken as one large dose or spaced out to two capsules daily with meals.

Who Makes MuscleTech Mass Tech X5?

Part of MuscleTech’s ever growing and changing product line, consumers can view the wide range of selection at the MuscleTech website at and most products are available online or in GNC retail stores.

Ingredients in MuscleTech Mass Tech X5

What makes this muscle builder so effective is the combination of key ingredients including Peak ATP, MCT Oil, Boron Citrate, and Sensoril Ashwagandha.

Peak ATP is a very popular ingredient in many of MuscleTech’s workout supplements for its ability to enhance blood flow leading to better athletic performance. MCT Oil has also been gaining in popularity within the workout supplement field for its ability to help increase the bioavailability of the supplements ingredients leading to faster absorption into the bloodstream delivering results faster.

The trace mineral boron has been shown to help increase levels of testosterone and free testosterone within the body while also supporting bone density.

Lastly Sensoril Ashwagandha works to create a hormonal balance helping users keep their body mass lean and sculpted by enhancing more effective fat burn with every workout.

Pricing For MuscleTech Mass Tech X5

GNC is the exclusive vendor for MuscleTech Mass Tech X5. Each twenty five serving bottle costs $99.99. Currently GNC is offering a special promotion on Mass tech X5 which gives consumers a free bottle when they purchase two bottles.

MuscleTech offers a five dollar off coupon for any consumers who sign up to receive their company E-newsletter.

Should You Use MuscleTech Mass Tech X5?

Many athletes struggle to put on lean muscle mass no matter how many hours they spend at the gym or how many calories they consume.

MuscleTech Mass Tech X5 delivers the supplemental support to help athletes not only becoming stronger with a more sculpted physique but it also prevents unwanted weight gain.

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