Naturade Pea Protein Review – Soy & Dairy Free Vegan Nutrition Shake?

Naturade Pea Protein

About Naturade Pea Protein

When searching for a protein powder that is right for you, you may think first of a soy or whey based protein. Although both are still great choices, many are leaning towards pea proteins, or vegetable based proteins because they are certified vegan, so they don’t have a dairy base.

Soy proteins can be a difficult choice for others as well, leaving pea protein at the top of the list for many looking for a supplement.

Naturade Pea Protein is vegan, 100% soy and dairy free, gluten free, cholesterol free, and non-GMO. Not only is it a perfect combination for absolutely anyone, it is also has a great vanilla flavor.

Pea protein is a natural plant-based protein that comes from yellow split peas. Naturade Pea Protein is formulated using the highest quality pea protein isolate on the market, which includes nine essential amino acids. Amino acids are not synthesized naturally by our bodies, so supplying it in our diets is a beneficial addition.

Amino acids work as the building blocks of protein, and are important in our bodies ability to digest and use protein to support our bones, connective tissues, and muscles. It is highly soluble, easy to digest, hypoallergenic, and it is great tasting.

How Do You Get Your Protein?

If you are a non-meat eater, or if you are into fitness, you may get asked by many “how do you get your protein?”.

Protein is an essential part of any diet, as it helps your muscles repair themselves, as well as your skin, hair, and bones. Although there are many meat alternatives available, it is not always an easy, low calorie decision to make.

With protein powders, you are able to control your caloric intake, along with the carbohydrate and fat consumption. Plant based powders are a perfect way to add more protein into any diet. What’s even more exciting is the flavors you can experiment with.

Naturade Pea Protein comes in a delicious and versatile vanilla flavor, perfect to mix with your favorite drink, you can add fruit, vegetables, even peanut butter or cocoa. The addition of Naturade Pea Protein into any diet is one of the most versatile solutions to your protein needs.

It can be consumed as a protein drink, made into a milkshake, or can even be added to baked goods; ensuring you have all the proper vitamins and nutrients you need to have a healthy, balanced diet.

Looking for a healthy way to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight? The use of Naturade Pea Protein will not only provide you with the protein your body needs, but protein will improve your metabolism, and keep you fuller longer.

This will allow you to make smarter, healthier food choices as you won’t be so hungry you are tempted to grab a quick, unhealthy alternative. If you have been working out and are looking for a great way to add protein to your workouts, Naturade Pea Protein is the best vegan choice.

Protein can help increase your strength, rebuild muscles after a strenuous workout, and increase your metabolism so you can be stronger and leaner. The addition of protein will additionally help you to maintain your muscle gains, so that you aren’t easily regaining weight in the form of fat in between workouts.

As an introduction to Naturade Pea Protein, you should start slowly with one shake a day. The expectation is that you’ll feel more energy and less hungry. Alternatively, you can use less of the recommended daily amount to start if you wish. You’ll begin to feel better, less hungry, and more energetic.

Aside from being an important part of a balanced diet, you’ll be less likely to reach for unhealthy snacks, improving your health simply by allowing you to add additional healthy foods to your health repertoire. With the addition of exercise, or an increase in activity, your overall health will improve.

Whatever your primary reason for choosing a protein supplement, Naturade Pea Protein is a perfect balance of protein and essential amino acids required to improve your health and your fitness.

The simple fact that it can now be available in a form that is vegan, soy free, cholesterol free, gluten free, and 100% non-GMO. This product contains no animal by products, and no artificial sweeteners or colors, so it truly is an animal friendly alternative to protein consumption.

Naturade Pea Protein is an excellent source of vegetable based protein suitable for children, vegans, athletes, low carbohydrate dieters, and essentially anyone who requires more protein in their diet.

Directions for Using Naturade Pea Protein

Mix two (2) scoops (39g) with 8-10 ounces of cold water or your favorite beverage. For the best results, use a shaker cup to reduce lumps, or a blender for 30 seconds, feel free to add ice and/or frozen fruit for a delicious smoothie.

The beauty of a vanilla protein powder is that you can literally add anything you’d like to change the flavor. Fruit, peanut butter, cocoa, whatever you like.

How to Order Naturade Pea Protein

If Naturade Pea Protein is something you think you’d like to introduce into your diet or daily routine, you can order it online for $24.99

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