New Me Fitness Review – Bodyweight, Dumbbell & Kettlebell Workouts?

New Me Fitness

Aimed at bridging the knowledge gap between fitness professionals and gym goers, New Me Fitness posters and cards offer easy to follow instructional exercise guides for use with any kind of equipment.

Please read on for more about these convenient exercise references.

What Is New Me Fitness?

Created by a graphic designer, New Me Fitness is a range of instructional posters and cards cataloguing popular resistance movements. Each exercise features an illustration of someone performing that movement so that users can easily understand what they are doing.

These products are equally ideal for those who are new to the gym and regular exercisers alike. Whether one has never stepped foot in a gym before or has been performing resistance movements for years, these guides function as exercise encyclopedias with the instructions for dozens of movements.

With focuses ranging from kettlebells, bodyweight exercises, and barbell, these posters contribute to an efficient workout regardless of restriction. One could even use the home gym, no equipment, or bodyweight posters to exercise from the comfort of home.

How Does New Me Fitness Work?

These instructional posters and cards show people exactly how to do movements properly for an effective workout. Users can choose which exercises to perform in any desired order, as well as control how long their workout is.

Use the poster based on equipment available or desired goals to insure that the right movements are being carried out. Each poster is divided into targeted body parts, allowing users the freedom to create their own exercise routines.

Individual cards allow users to mix and match different exercises for a custom routine by selecting them separately. With these particular movements extracted from the pack, users can focus on the cards in front of them, rather than reading through a poster.

Amazon users have more frequently purchased posters than cards but seem to agree that both products are straightforward and extremely helpful in providing exercise ideas.

New Me Fitness Products

Posters present a variety of exercise focus points, depending on equipment available and the desired goal. Laid out in a grid, each row features about 3-15 exercise of target areas such as upper body, core, and lower body.

Printed large enough to be seen from across the room, these guides are ideal for posting on a wall and referencing while exercising.

-Goal-based: Some posters are designed to focus on physical and aesthetic goals such as building muscle, improving flexibility, and working out while traveling.

-Equipment-based: Other guides are built around equipment restrictions, including: barbell, bodyweight, dumbbell, kettlebell, resistance band, stability ball, and TRX.

Cards also come in packs based on goals or equipment restrictions. These cards feature individual movements so that users can put together exercise routines by mixing and matching the cards. This allows for customers to focus on a specific group of exercises at one time, rather than repeatedly navigating a poster full of movements that they might not be including in their workout of the day.

Packs vary in focus depending upon available equipment including TRX suspension, dumbbell, and suspension.

Each pack includes cards featuring individual exercises, as well as some containing entire routines if users are already familiar with the movements. Additionally, some cards allow space for goal setting and planning with calendars, and present different stretches.

New Me Fitness Pricing

NewMe Fitness:

Both individual posters and packs of cards are available for $22.97 through the NewMe Fitness site, though they provide an optional link directing customers to Amazon.


With slightly discounted prices, posters are offered for $19.99, while card boxes are $19.97.

Should You Use New Me Fitness?

With mostly positive reviews from Amazon customers, New Me Fitness posters and cards might be useful resources for those trying to expand their knowledge of effective exercisers or who want the freedom to work out anywhere, with any type of equipment.

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