PhURE Review – Pure Alkaline Water For Healthy Digestion & Metabolism?


Phure is a beverage that is infused with electrolytes to help consumers nourish their muscles and other areas of the body that need the most hydration. The drink can be bought through Walmart or Amazon.

What Is Phure?

Getting the necessary hydration for the body each day is easy, but most people do not consider the fact that water is not all that they need. Consumers need a way to get the balanced nutrition that alkalized water has. That is where the Phure water comes in.

Phure Alkaline Water performs at an elevated level, compared to regular water. When consumers drink it, they can expect:

The great part about this water is that it helps at any different part of the day. Some people fuel their muscles after a workout with the electrolytes, or even just to hydrate during an outing. It is important to maintain hydration, and regular water just does not provide everything that consumers need. An alkaline water provides the body with electrolytes, which helps to nourish the muscles after a vigorous physical activity.

The muscles produce acids after a workout as they adjust from the previous pace, and these acids cause cramping. Most people get electrolytes from a sports drink, but they are often incredibly sugary, which is not great for the immune system. By choosing alkaline water instead, consumers give themselves the electrolytes, but without the sugar.


For a case of 24 16.9-ounce bottles, the total cost is about $39.45, depending on where the purchase is made. Consumers can also get larger cases and larger bottles, which can be shipped out with Amazon Prime for free two-day shipping.

Right now, the easiest places to purchase the water are from and from, though it is also available in the physical store locations. There is a store locator tool that shows consumers the closest locations to their home to purchase it.

Contacting The Creators Of Phure Pure Alkaline Water

Even though there is information on the website and with online orders, consumers may want to learn more information about this drink before they make a purchase. The customer service team offers a form on the website directly, but consumers can also call or email the company.

Phure Conclusion

Phure is meant for everyone, no matter their age or size. The body needs a balance of acidity and alkalization, and the only way to achieve the balance is to fuel both sides. Consumers that regularly engage in physical activities will automatically have a higher acidity level in their body, so it becomes necessary to compensate. Consider Phure for your hydration needs.

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