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Force Factor BRX Review

Pre-workout supplements are a dime a dozen these days. It’s almost as if they’re everywhere you look. A quick search on any online retail store or your local supplement store will provide you with a ton of options.

Yet, most of these tend to contain filler ingredients that do nothing for you except jack up the price of the product and cost you more money.

Force Factor BRX though, is changing that by offering you effective pre-workout supplements that get the job done without all the fillers and junk you find in most supplements.

What Is Force Factor BRX?

This is a super effective pre-workout supplement designed to deliver max efficiency and nutrition in minimum doses. Think about that for a minute. Most supplements tend to have ingredients you don’t need.

And when your body doesn’t need those ingredients, it does everything to get rid of it, resulting in the popularly known “expensive piss” term. Force Factor, the company behind the BRX Blue Raz claims they have maximized the efficiency of each scoop so that your body gets the maximum amount of nutrition it requires without any waste.

The company claims that it only includes what works in Force Factor BRX.

What Does Force Factor BRX Do?

Force Factor BRX is designed to deliver just four things to your body during your workouts:

As you already know, all these are intertwined and necessary if you want to gain great results from your workouts. You need to be able to workout for longer, and to do that, you need abundant energy.

Once the energy is in place, you need to be able to up your endurance levels. If you can endure more, then you easily train to failure, resulting in bigger muscles.

But to ensure you don’t get bored, you need to be able to concentrate and maintain your focus during your training. A combination of all these is what you need if you want to grow some lean muscle or just bulk up.

What are the Ingredients in Force Factor BRX?

The effectiveness of any pre-workout supplement is often in its ingredients. Since the company claims to “give you the most effective workout with the smallest scoop possible by hand-picking powerful ingredients and leaving out all the filler”, let’s quickly examine what is included in the supplement.

The ingredients listed include:

The first three and the last ingredients are well known in the muscle building industry and among muscle building practitioners. The proprietary blend though is where there might be a bit of confusion. The good news is they listed the ingredients contained in the blend, although there’s nothing about how much of each is listed.

What Makes Force Factor BRX a Superior Pre-Workout Supplement?

Truth be told, we don’t really know if the supplement is even superior. Yes, we appreciate the transparency and the ingredient list that they supplied.

These ingredients are often potent and well known to produce excellent results when combined with rigorous workout sessions. The challenge however, is clearly determining just how effective it is or how much better it is than any of the other pre-workout supplements in the market.

We looked for verifiable testimonials without any luck. So, whether this is a superior supplement remains to be seen

Does It Actually Work?

From experience and muscle building knowledge, most of the ingredients listed in the BRX Blue Raz are well known ingredients used by many pre-workout supplements in the market.

On that basis therefore, we know that these ingredients do work. Just how effectively they do however, is what we don’t know. This is because of the dosages and ingredient concentration.

Force Factor actually claims that this is a concentrated version of your regular supplements –which is why you’ll only need to take a small amount compared to others- and will deliver the results you need.

We do known that if supplement ingredients are highly concentrated, they tend to require only small quantities to deliver the powerful results that bodybuilders need. On that basis, BRX Blue Raz might actually work as claimed.

Possible Side Effects of Using Force Factor BRX Blue Raz?

Many supplements often contain 1,3-dimeth, a banned substance and one linked to multiple cases of neurological damages. BRX Blue Raz doesn’t contain any of those banned substances that can give you terrible side effects.

If anything, their listed ingredients are largely safe and have little to no side effects when consumed in moderate or recommended quantities.

How Much Does Force Factor BRX Cost?

A bottle of BRX Blue Raz costs just $39.99 at the manufacturer’s website, Amazon, Bodybuilding.com and specified local stores.

We don’t know if this comes with money back guarantee as we checked and didn’t find anything. That said, you can contact them through the following link: https://www.truflowprostatesupport.com/faqs#contact_us and make your enquiries.

Our Verdict For Force Factor BRX

Force Factor BRX Blue Raz looks like a great product and one that will deliver the results you need. The one problem we have with it is the use of proprietary blend.

We like to know what we’re taking inside our bodies –they provided information on this, which is good- and how much of it we’re ingesting. This is where they failed to provide accurate information.

On this basis, we would probably be wary about using it. However, please note that the bodybuilding industry is filled with pre-workout supplement manufacturers who routinely use proprietary blend, and haven’t harmed anyone in the process.

Whatever the case, if you’re concerned about what is in the bottle and how much, this might not be the right fit for you. But if you don’t mind proprietary blends, this might be right up your alley.

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