Powerful Detoxifying & Weight Loss Program?

For people looking to lose weight, do some cleansing or detoxing and get slimmer, there are various options available to them. A quick search through Google or simply riffling through magazines will provide you with a slew of weight loss and fitness guides, programs, supplements and pills.

Unfortunately, these options can become overwhelming, often resulting in many giving up on losing weight. One of the new entrants into the weight loss market is a product known as the Red Tea Detox.

What Is Red Tea Detox?

The Red Tea Detox is a weight loss and detoxifying program that’s purportedly capable of helping people lose as much as 15 pounds in as little two weeks. It’s designed to combat stubborn fat particularly around the stomach area.

This is why it is often recommended for people who have long lasting weight issues and have been unable to eliminate their stomach belly.

Supposedly created by Liz Swann, a well-known naturopath weight loss expert, the key ingredient in the program is the red tea which is purportedly just as –if not more- potent than the regular green or black tea.

That, combined with recipes and food lists that you can easily use to help your weight loss process is what makes the entire Red Tea Detox program complete.

The key reason red tea is recommended in this program is that it is capable of boosting your energy levels, filling you up so you eat less, helping with body fat metabolism and keeps you satiated for longer periods.

Red tea is super safe and convenient for just about anyone, regardless of age, sex or health conditions. Its effects are similar to that of your green and black teas.

According to Lizzy, taking red teas can do wonders for your health and weight loss goals by simply eliminating toxins from the body, reduce hunger cravings –red teas are perfect for those night time cravings that we all have- keep you satiated so you don’t feel hungry for longer periods, and increases your body’s metabolism so you burn up more fat than you ordinarily would.

If you want to get rid of that extra weight and fat, this program will show you what you need to do and eat, apart from taking the red tea, as well as where to get all the possible ingredients necessary to accelerate and maintain your weight loss goals.

The program also contains exercise information as well as dieting recipes that will help accelerate weight loss and get rid of your excess body fat even faster.

Please understand that this requires considerable commitment. Think of it as a lifestyle and formula. The tea triggers the weight loss, your exercise helps boost the rate at which your metabolism melts fat, and your diet ensures that you don’t add extra fat whilst working on eliminating the one your currently have.

The good news though is that it’s pretty easy, straightforward and can be accommodated into your daily routines. You don’t have to go looking for some expensive, rare, exotic foods just to melt off the fat.

Most of the foods recommended in the book and recipes are easily obtainable at your local grocery store at affordable prices.

The Author Of Red Tea Detox Program

This is in the person of Liz Swann Miller, a naturopath and weight loss coach who has been doing this for a decade.

With degrees in psychology and naturopathy, as well as a personal experience with losing weight, she designed this program for people who have been struggling with weight loss for years and have not been able to find any solutions in one of the many other weight loss programs, pills and diets.

The programs is a summation of what she did and how she did it as well as how others benefited from the tea and program she recommended.

How Red Tea Detox Detoxifying & Weight Loss Program Works

You need to understand that the Red Tea Detox program is a full program, and not just about drinking red tea.

Sure, the tea is rich in antioxidants and will help eliminate free radicals from your body. But, the reality is that you need to do the work in order for it to work. So, in simple, terms, the program works very effectively if you commit to it and work the program.

Weight loss at its most basic is an input output issue. If you take in more carbs and food than your body needs, it will digest some, store some, and eliminate the rest.

Now, if you are able to actively utilize every single meal you ingest, you will never ever gain weight. But if you take in more than your body’s needs and requirements, the excess gets stored as fat in your cells tissue and organs.

With its emphasis on eating healthy foods more frequently, lowering your stress levels –yes, cortisol plays an active role in fat deposits, eliminating toxins from your body, working out and rebalancing your hormones, you will get great results from the program if you follow it to the letter.

The best part that we liked about it is the ease of application. You can easily work this into your daily activities without even feeling you’re deliberately trying to lose weight.

This means you really don’t need to go to the gym for an hour or run for 90 minutes. You can easily do your exercises whilst cooking or cleaning or hanging out at home. It’s easy, fast and very seamless.

Red Tea Detox Conclusion

The red tea itself is very easy to prepare. The book provides a list of ingredients that you will combine together to prepare the tea.

The good news is that you easily get these online or in your local grocery shop. And the tea itself is very tasty –goodbye to the bland tasting, black, green or oolong teas- when you combine it.

Our thoughts on this program therefore, is that it could work really well. The principles behind it seem solid, as well as the process. We couldn’t find verifiable testimonials though, so you will have to take a leap of faith with this one.

When you do, you have a 60-day money back guarantee from the payment processing company. So, if you don’t get the results you want, you can simply request a refund and it’ll be paid to you.

However, give this a try if you’re looking to shed a few pounds. You’ll probably find it very rewarding and effective. Good luck.

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