Rainbow Geometry Painting

Somewhere over the rainbow lies a fun way to learn geometry.  I promise.  Because there aren’t many better ways to learn math than by combining it with bright colors and messy paint.  Well, maybe candy, but this comes in close second 🙂  Rainbow Geometry Painting is as easy as laying out the supplies and letting the rainbow creativity happen.

This project was also inspired by some 3D geometric solid shapes that we have.  I’m in love with these 3D shapes from Learning Resources. They are so bright and colorful and you can use them for so many activities.  We used them for Kinetic Sand Math and have a few slimy plans for them ahead, too.  I’ve always been a sucker for plexi-glass…  Something about the transparency makes them intriguing.  And not just for me.  The Babe loves playing with them.  And it looks like painting with them too.