Restore CALM6 Hemp Oil Extract Review

Restore CALM6 Hemp Oil Extract

Those looking for a natural supplement to stay calm throughout the day or to help the body relax enough to sleep should take a look at this hemp oil extract.

Using organic hemp, the oil is extracted to preserve the maximum amount of nutrients and then blended with other nutritious oils and natural mint chocolate extract for a delicious supplement.

Please read on to discover more about the Restore CALM6 Hemp Oil Extract.

About Restore CALM6 Hemp Oil Extract

Amidst an array of other health and wellness benefits, hemp is well known for its ability to calm and stabilize the mood. Without the psychoactive effects of the THC compound of the hemp plant, the remaining oil is a natural source of numerous advantages without the potential side effects of THC.

Restorative Botanicals has created an oil blend with six times the extract found in their previous hemp oils for increased efficiency and smaller serving sizes.

How Does Restore CALM6 Hemp Oil Extract Work?

Each dose must be measured according to a person’s unique requirements, resulting in one serving size equaling 5 – 15 drops. This can be ingested before bed to help with restful sleep or during the day to stay calm, ideally after meals.

Amazon users seem to generally agree that the oil is effective in helping the body relax enough to stay calm and to sleep comfortably, with some additional benefits reported such as muscle relaxation. Most describe ingesting it sublingually, though Restore CALM6 Hemp Oil Extract does not require this method on their website.


This extract actually contains three types of oil and one flavor extract: hemp oil, MCT coconut oil, sunflower seed oil, and a natural mint chocolate extract.

The hemp oil is derived from the plant by a carbon dioxide extraction process, allowing the oil to be obtained without additional solvents or damaging the existing nutrients. The plants are grown without herbicides and pesticides on organic, Colorado farms.

MCT oil is simply a coconut oil processed to reduce its heavier, fattier components to produce a lighter oil with the most beneficial elements preserved. This helps to emulsify the oil while simultaneously contributing additional health advantages.

Similarly, sunflower seed oil is included to increase the nutritional profile and improve flavor, while the mint chocolate extract is purely for flavor. No additional sugar or artificial sweeteners are added.

Once combined, third party laboratories, which verify the quality and purity of the oil in an official and unbiased way, examine the mixture.

Pricing For Restore CALM6 Hemp Oil Extract

From the Restorative Botanicals website, this extract is available in four different sizes of various prices. A 0.33 oz bottle is $49.99, 1 oz is $129.99, 2 oz is $249.99, and a 4 oz bottle is $399.99.

The same 0.33oz bottle can be found via Amazon for the lower price of $45.59.

Should You Use Restore CALM6 Hemp Oil Extract?

Due to the largely positive reviews of Amazon users, this seems to be a useful avenue for those looking to stay calmer throughout the day or get help falling asleep. Interested consumers can find more information at

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