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Maely’s Face Mask Review

Maely’s Face Mask is a topical skincare treatment that helps consumers to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, discoloration, and more that takes away from the appearance of youth. The treatment comes with seven masks in every package, and consumers have multiple options to choose from at checkout.

What is Maely’s Face Mask?

When consumers start to get older, they have to completely readjust the way that they take care of the complexion. During adulthood, most consumers work on protecting their complexion and learning their skin type, but a lot of that changes when they reach their 50s and beyond.

The skin is not able to balance the same chemicals in the complexion, which means that it becomes flat, wrinkled, and even discolored. Consumers need to take care of their skin at this stage to preserve the smoothness and youthful glow, which is where the Maely’s Face Mask comes in.

The face mask nourishes the complexion with a balance of vitamins and minerals. As consumers use the remedy, they can expect:

The only ingredient that consumers are told about is hyaluronic acid. This substance can be applied topically to help the skin hold onto moisture with greater ease. When the skin loses collagen as the body ages, there is nothing for moisture to cling to, but hyaluronic acid makes it easier. While a full range of ingredients are not available on the website, consumers will be able to view this information on the package they receive.

Some consumers that want to heal the complexion will seek out the help of a doctor for Botox injections or plastic surgery. However, by using a treatment that helps with the complexion naturally, there is no need for invasive methods of smoothing the skin. With the face mask and a consistent skincare regimen, looking young is simple.

Using Maely’s Face Mask

To get the desired benefits from the face mask, consumers need to follow the indicated instructions, which are pretty simple. Before using the mask, consumers will need to wash and rinse their face.

Next, line up the eyes and mouth on the mask with the user’s eyes and mouth, pressing it against the complexion. Consumers will need to follow the directions on the package to see how long the user should leave the mask on the skin, but the average time is 10 minutes. At the end of the time described on the label, the user peels the mask off, and massages in the serum that is remaining on the skin.


The total cost that consumers will have to pay will entirely depend on how many packages of the product that consumers want to buy. Each package contains 7 masks, so each one is good for 7 treatments. Choose from:

  • One package: $79
  • Two packages: $99
  • Three packages: $119
  • Three packages, plus anti-aging gel: $149

The website does not say whether the user can return the product. However, consumers can reach out to the customer service team to learn more information about the return policy.

Contacting the Creators of Maely’s Face Mask

Even with the information available online, consumers will still have details left out that they should probably find out before using the product. The customer service team can be reached with a phone call or email address.

Maely’s Face Mask Conclusion

Maely’s Face Mask helps anyone that wants to have a better complexion without surgery or injections. The treatment is easy to apply, though there is plenty of information left out of the online advertisement. There is no information on how often the treatment can be used, but simply including it during the week makes a difference.

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