Rollga Foam Roller Review – Pro & Genesis Shin Splints Pain Relief Benefits?

Rollga Foam Roller

Regular physical exercise such as strength training or cardio is great for the body, but can cause a large amount of wear and tear on the body. It’s essential to both warm up the muscles before a workout and warm down afterwards to promote faster healing, reduce recovery time, and prevent joint damage.

While stretching and warm up exercises are useful ways of performing warmups and post-workout maintenance, foam rolling has recently become an incredibly popular method of massaging tissue after a workout.

Offering many of the same benefits that can be found in a remedial deep tissue massage, foam rolling has been demonstrated to assist in preventing inflammation, improve flexibility, boost circulatory health, and minimize joint stress. Foam rolling is referred to by physical therapists as self-myofascial release, or SMR, and involves using a foam rolling tube to massage muscles quickly and effectively without the need for an expensive physical therapy consultant.

Foam rolling and SMR is easily incorporated into any fitness routine and can help prevent injury, breaking up the scar tissue that forms in muscle tissue and eliminating lactic acid buildup after an intense physical exercise session.

Choosing the right foam roller for your SMR needs, however, isn’t as simple as purchasing any old foam tube. The stiffness, flexibility, and overall shape of a foam roller plays an important role in how the SMR process works.

Many of the foam rollers that are commonly available on the market aren’t designed specifically for SMR techniques and can actually do more harm than good. Others are constructed from inferior foam that quickly breaks apart under rigorous SMR rolling, wasting money.

A new foam rolling solution is providing health conscious fitness enthusiasts with a purpose-built SMR solution that has been designed from the ground up to deliver optimum performance and reliability.

The Rollga Foam Roller is the most popular foam roller on the market and has been endorsed by fitness experts such as Brian MacKenzie, the founder of CrossFit, and Sugar Ray Leonard, one of the greatest American pro boxers of all time.

In this article, we’ll check out the Rollga Foam Roller and find out what makes it different from other foam rollers on the market to help you decide whether it’s the SMR solution for you.

What Is The Rollga Foam Roller?

The Rollga is the results of decades of research and development by a leading team of massage therapists, health experts, doctors, chiropractors, personal trainers, and physical therapists to create the ultimate SMR foam rolling solution.

The original concept for the Rollga came about when the creative team behind the product were looking for an effective foam roller that could be integrated into a hybrid yoga, pilates, core stretching, and foam rolling studio class

Finding that the market was flooded with inferior, unreliable foam rollers with no practical application, the Rollga team set out to create a science-based and physical therapist approved foam roller that integrated a shaped form to fit the curves of the human body. After a rigorous research, development, prototyping, and testing phase that went through over 100 different iterations, the final Rollga roller was created.

The Rollga is an advanced foam roller that is purpose-built to conform to the shape of the human body. Intended to support the hips, align the back, increase range of motion and flexibility, and minimize the pain caused by physical exercise, the Rollga is a different type of foam roller that has a wide range of applications that can’t be found in everyday foam rollers.

One of the most effective uses of the Rollga is to eliminate shin splints. Foam rolling is a proven method of eliminating shin splints, which are a poorly understood and difficult to manage health complication that is caused by repetitive joint strain from running.

Flat foam rollers have the tendency to exacerbate shin splints, but the curved design of the Rollga Foam Roller is shaped to support the shins, preventing pain during rolling and assisting in soothing painful splints.

The Rollga Foam Roller Difference

The primary difference between the Rollga and other foam rollers is its curved design. Shaped to avoid the bone structure of the body, the Rollga massages muscle tissue at multiple angles and delivers variable pressure that adheres to the contours of the body and provides assistance in dealing with muscle displacement with no popping.

The shaped form of the Rollga also allows for enhanced control and stability while in use, and restores damaged fascia while bypassing the joints. The Rollga is available in four different versions that range in density from soothing to intense release.

The contoured shape of the Rollga mimics the therapeutic pressure delivered by an intensive remedial deep tissue massage and can target the deepest knots in the body with extremely precise, targeted focus.

Rollga Foam Roller Summary Review

The Rollga is the most intelligently-designed foam roller on the market and offers a wide range of advantages over traditional flat foam rollers.

If you’re looking for an SMR solution that will save you thousands of dollars in physiotherapy massage while promoting overall health and reducing recovery time, the Rollga is the best option available.


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