Salus Defense Smart Whistle Review

Salus Defense Smart Whistle

These days, it seems that one’s safety is always being threatened –if not from common natural disasters, than from the surrounding environment. While there seem to be many different ways to protect oneself, most individuals overlook that fact that to obtain optimal protection, it is necessary to have an internet or mobile connection at all times and unfortunately, this is an unrealistic standard.

Oftentimes, the most precarious situations don’t come with a guarantee that one will have the connection that they need to reach out to a loved one or even to law enforcement.

For that reason, it may be best to rely on a whole new technology that can connect at any time. Called the Salus Defense Smart Whistle, this nifty device “puts a new spin on an old concept” and it can be the life-saving solution that many need to ensure that they are well protected at all times.

What is the Salus Defense Smart Whistle?

Salus Defense Smart Whistle is a revolutionary approach to alerting loved ones of a precarious situation or of one’s safety at a given moment. With this device, users can always make the connection that they need with loved ones so that no one worries.

Further, dissimilar to most other devices on the market, this one is easy to use, it is convenient, and it can be used to reach out to more than just loved ones, but also to rescuers. Those who add this product to their lifestyle are often much more confident that they well protected.

How Does the Salus Defense Smart Whistle Work?

Before choosing any device, it is important to consider how it works. In this case, the device is GPS enabled and it also features Auto SOS Alerts. The GPS system enables those who have access to the device to track their loved one at all times, no matter where they are.

The signal is also strong so that users can be certain that they are constantly connected. Second, the Auto SOS Alerts is a mechanism that can be tapped into through calls or by SMS. As users will find, this is an extremely simple device that can be worked into any routine.

A Loud Whistle

Sometimes, the classic methods are the best way to go. If users feel that they are in an unsafe situation and need to alert those around them, then the device’s nifty loud whistle will do the trick.

The whistle, when used, enables users to notify responders at the scene so that they can take the appropriate action to manage the situation at hand. While there is no technological feat to this whistle, it certainly does come in handle in those particular situations where a whistle is the best approach.

The Mechanisms of the Salus Defense Smart Whistle

There are a number of prime mechanisms to the Salus Defense Smart Whistle. Here is what users can expect when they add this device to their lifestyle:

Audio Recording

First, the device has an audio recording mechanism so that users can send loved ones an audio message to inform them of a situation. The audio recording is better than text and more importantly, it is certainly faster as well.

SOS Digital Audio Alerts

Second, the product features SOS Digital Audio Alerts. In total, users will receive 30 SOS SMS per month and they will be sent out to all of the pre-selected contacts for quickness and ease of use.

Supported by iOS and Android

Third, the product is supported by both iOs and Android systems. Regardless of one’s carrier, this device can be connected so that every user can have the support that they need at any given time.

Google Maps GPS Tracking

Finally, the product comes with a GPS tracking system that is accessible through Google Maps. This tracking system enables loved ones to locate the user during an emergency or at any given time.

Salus Defense Smart Whistle Summary

Overall, there are many benefits to be had when one adds the Salus Smart Whistle to their lifestyle. The device provides optimal support.

To learn more and to order the device, just visit the brand’s website today. The affordable Salus Defense Smart Whistle ships quickly and comes with a warranty to ensure true satisfaction.

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