Scrub Clean & Massages Aching Muscles In Shower?

Back Angel

An all-in-one back pain reliever, stress reliever, massager, and shower scubber, Back Angel is an ideal product for anyone who suffers from upper to lower back and lumbar pain.

What Is Back Angel?

Back Angel is an ergonomically designed contoured and textured adjustable pad, designed to be attached to the wall of any bathtub or shower stall. This provides users with the ability to clean and massage their back hands-free while standing in the shower. Back Angel retails for $19.99 plus shipping and handling.

How Back Angel Scrub Clean & Massages Muscles In Shower Works

The Back Angel features some ingenious design. The four adhesive pads on one side of the device allow Back Angel to be installed anywhere without having to rely on tools to do so. Its textured, ergonomic teardrop-shaped massager is mounted on a vertical track, allowing it to be raised and lowered to ensure individuals of any height can use the device on both their lower and upper backs.

Using Back Angel couldn’t be more simple. After installing it in your bathroom, simply take a shower and lean back against the device. Moving against the Back Angel’s textured surface provides targeted massaging action, and its adjustable nature allows you to target problem areas with ease.

An additional perk of Back Angel is the inclusion of a two mesh covers for the device. Meant to be used as an exfoliating scrubber in the same manner of a loofah or sponge, these covers provide firm but gentle back cleansing without having to rely on long-handled scrub brushes or the like.

Finally, as a promotional offer, anyone who purchases a Back Angel also receives a free hand held roller ball for deeper muscle massage.

Back Angel Materials

Back Angel is constructed from tough, waterproof plastic materials designed to withstand being subjected to the rigors of countless massage sessions in the shower. Four black adhesive strips, made from double-sided waterproof tape, hold the device to the wall of your shower or tub. The mesh covers included with Back Angel are made from an absorbent, reusable microfiber cloth and are machine washable, making them reusable.

Meanwhile, the included roller ball massager is made from tough, waterproof plastic as well. However, this massager can be used both in and out of the shower, and is small enough to place in a bag to take with you if you want.

Back Angel Benefits & Side Effects

While there are no discernible side effects from using Back Angel, there are a number of benefits of the device. Relief from minor aches and pains through its massaging action makes Back Angel well worth its $20 price tag. The inclusion of 2 machine washable mesh cloth covers means that anyone who finds it difficult to reach their back to scrub it manually will reap the rewards of being able to wash their backs without pain or difficulty. Finally, the bonus handheld roller ball massager means being able to enjoy deep tissue massage anywhere you need to, and at any time.

Is Back Angel Right For You?

If you suffer from mild to moderate back pain, ranging from the upper back to the lower back and lumbar region, you’re likely to get at least some temporary relief from Back Angel’s massaging action. Additionally, if you struggle from certain disabilities that make it difficult for you to raise your arms over your head or to stretch and use a scrub brush to clean your back in the shower, Back Angel may also be a welcome change, as washing your back becomes much easier simply by slipping on the mesh cover and combining it with your favorite soap or body wash.

Finally, the free inclusion of a small, portable roller ball massager is an excellent little perk, as this allows you to enjoy targeted deep muscle massage anywhere and anytime. An added bonus, the massager can either be used by you directly or by someone else on places you can’t reach by hand.


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