SelenoPure Review – Nutrition 21 Bioavailable Selenium For Thyroid Benefits?

SelenoPure is a premium yeast-free Selenium supplement made from L-selenomethionine, which provides high bio-availability. Here’s our SelenoPure review.

What is SelenoPure?

SelenoPure is a specific type of Selenium, a mineral that plays a key role in human metabolism. The manufacturer of SelenoPure markets its supplement to other companies who then use it in their own products.

One of the most common supplements using SelenoPure Selenium is Doctor’s Best Selenium, which comes in 180-capsule bottles. Each capsule contains 200 mcg of Selenium, the standard therapeutic dose for the mineral. Instructions for use are one capsule per day.

SelenoPure Features: How Does It Work?

The body needs a minimum of around 55 mcg of selenium a day to promote a healthy, working metabolism. Most individuals get the requisite amount of Selenium they need from their diet, but there are supposed benefits for taking at least 200 mcg of Selenium daily, which include thyroid support, immune system support, healthy cholesterol level management, and heart health support, based on preliminary clinical trials.

Selenium is also known as an excellent all-around anti-oxidant, which can help to repair the damage done to the body due to oxidative stress.

Who Makes SelenoPure?

SelenoPure is a product of Nutrition21, a nutritional supplement company headquartered in Purchase, New York. The company management team, headed by CEO Michael S. Satow, has several combined years of experience in the pharmaceutical and nutrition supplement industries.

In addition to SelenoPure, Nutrition21 makes and markets other supplement ingredients such as Chromax chromium, Selenomax high-selenium yeast, and Nitrosigine arginine supplements.

SelenoPure Ingredients

SelenoPure uses L-selenomethionine as a source of Selenium, which is an amino acid that contains Selenium. Clinical trials have shown that this amino acid is around 19% more easily absorbable by the human body than Selenite, the most common form of Selenium used in nutritional supplements.

SelenoPure is different than many Selenium supplements, which use brewer’s yeast or baker’s yeast in their formulations. This makes SelenoPure a good choice for those sensitive to yeast.

SelenoPure Pricing

The pricing of supplements containing SelenoPure will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer of course. Using an example from Doctor’s Best Selenium, a 180-count bottle retails for around $17.50 online.

You may be able to find similar products containing SelenoPure at your local vitamin shop. Ordering from an online store and having a bottle shipped to you is likely to cost more due to shipping fees.

SelenoPure Reviews: What Do Customers Have to Say?

There isn’t a lot available online in the form of reviews of SelenoPure directly, as the product itself isn’t available without being part of another product like Doctor’s Best Selenium. However, what reviews there are have been mostly positive, with Doctor’s Best getting a 4.3 out of 5 stars across a paltry 7 reviews.


  • Works as Intended – Supposedly, taking Selenium in the form of SelenoPure works as intended according to those taking it as a supplement.


  • Awful Smell – SelenoPure apparentlty smells terrible, according to more than one reviewer.

Should You Buy SelenoPure?

Selenium is indeed an essential mineral or our bodies, and in that sense you do need a minimum amount of the mineral every day. If you have a Selenium deficiency due to diet or certain medications you’re on, then taking any supplement with Selenium will be beneficial.

However, keep in mind that the human body needs only around 55 mcg a day of Selenium. SelenoPure is nearly 4 times that amount at 200 mcg, and there’s really no definitive evidence that the extra Selenium is going to go to good use.

Yes, there are some early clinical studies that point to Selenium, especially in the highly bio-available form that SelenoPure is made of, may have some benefits to your heart health, your thyroid, and other body systems. The problem is that these studies are all preliminary and there needs to be much more research done to prove Selenium’s role in these processes beyond a reasonable doubt.

This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t take Selenium supplements. Doctors say that a daily dose under 400 mcg is perfectly safe for your body, and since it is an essential mineral it’s always good to have enough for your needs.

However, you don’t have to receive your daily Selenium from a product that has SelenoPure if you don’t like the smell, as many other reviewers have. You can find Selenium present in any number of quality multivitamins, possibly at a cheaper price.

If you want to purchase a supplement with SelenoPure, feel free to go right ahead. Just be aware that, based on the medical literature in existence, your mileage may vary with this particular mineral. If you’re hesitant, you can always look for other antioxidant-rich supplements that have more science behind them and their supposed benefits to the human body.

Buy SelenoPure Review – Nutrition 21 Bioavailable Selenium For Thyroid Benefits?

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