Silver Fern Whole Food MultiVitamin Review

Silver Fern Whole Food MultiVitamin

Those who are looking for a high quality multi vitamin that utilizes only whole food ingredients that are pure and organic will love this product by silver Fern.

Unlike many whole food vitamins these capsules only require two per day and offer one hundred percent of over twenty different vitamins and minerals alongside powerful fruit and vegetable extracts that enhance the body’s antioxidant levels and immune system strength.

Please read below to learn more about Silver Fern Whole Food MultiVitamin and how to purchase a bottle.

What is Silver Fern Whole Food MultiVitamin?

Many multivitamins combine a mixture of synthetic ingredients along with laboratory concocted minerals to help improve daily health and wellness. Whole food vitamins are becoming more popular due to their improved bioavailability within the body offering greater health benefits.

Silver Fern actually claims that 100% of their multivitamins nutrients are absorbed by the body which is pretty impressive. By utilizing organic ingredients made from real fruits and vegetables this product naturally enhances the immune system as well as cellular regeneration and organ function.

Certain vitamins and minerals are offered in multivitamins but few actually offer 100% of such a variety. Combine the high nutritional content with bioavailability and this seems like a pretty stellar option.

How Does It Work?

Men and women looking to maximize their nutritional support through a daily multivitamin will love the thoroughness provided by Silver Fern. Each two capsule dose offers 100% of the daily recommended nutritional value for twenty three different vitamins and minerals.

These include iron, zinc, and vitamin D. Silver Fern Multivitamin is so nutrient dense it offers the same nutritional support as if consumers ate eight cups of broccoli, five cups of strawberries, and thirty three cups of spinach all in one day.

In addition to these vitamins and minerals this supplement also contains three specific complexes as well as a 495 milligram plant and vegetable extract blend. The Cardio Health Complex offers ingredients chosen to help reduce inflammation, improve antioxidant levels within the blood, and may even work to lower blood glucose levels by up to thirty percent.

Eye Health Complex blends ingredients that work to prevent macular degeneration while enhancing overall vision while protecting eyes from damage caused by sunlight or screen exposure. Lastly the Brain Health Complex works to support daily mental demands like focus, clarity, and memory.

Unlike many similar whole food vitamins, Silver Fern’s product only requires two capsules per day instead of the normal four to six.

Silver Fern Whole Food MultiVitamin Ingredients

As a whole food vitamin this product utilizes ingredients sourced from real food not synthetic sources or made in a laboratory. Silver Fern Whole Food MultiVitamin combines a huge range of vitamins and minerals all sourced from real organic fruits and vegetables.

All ingredients are non-GMO and suitable for both vegetarians and vegans.

Silver Fern Company Details

In addition to multivitamins this New Zealand based company also offers wholesome snack foods and health products each aimed at helping people live healthier lives.

Interested consumers can learn more about the company and their entire range of products through their website at

Pricing For Silver Fern Whole Food MultiVitamin

When purchasing this product consumers have two online vendors to choose from Amazon and the Silver Fern company website.


Each sixty capsule bottle is available for $29.99. Consumers can save extra money by purchasing multiple bottles at the same time. Two bottles are available for $49.99 and four bottles are available for $104.99.

Silver Fern (

Single bottles are available for purchase for the same price as Amazon at $29.99 per bottle. Silver Fern also offers a subscription program lowering the cost to $26.99 per bottle.

They also offer a few other promotions including two bottles for $49.99 and a Buy 3 Get 1 Free offer that gives consumers four bottles for only $89.97 which is the lowest price available. All purchases totaling $49.00 or more made through the Silver Fern website will ship for free within the United States.

Should You Use Silver Fern Whole Food MultiVitamin?

Adults who are looking for an alternative to more traditional multivitamins will appreciate the attention and care that has gone into this supplement.

By sourcing all of the ingredients from real fruits and vegetables people can feel good knowing that what they are taking is truly maximizing their daily nutritional intake.

The Silver Fern website is quite comprehensive and includes a fair amount of information regarding this multivitamin to help consumers make the most informed decision regarding their supplement choice.

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