SNOOZ White Noise Machine Review

SNOOZ White Noise Machine

Light sleepers or those with excessively loud surroundings might benefit from this white noise machine. Portable and adjustable, the real fan continuously produces noise to block out otherwise distracting and stressful sounds that might affect sleep.

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What is the SNOOZ White Noise Machine?

Sleep is a vital component of health with its essential role in allowing the body to recover and repair itself, as well as keeping stress levels lower throughout the day. Sleep helps the brain maintain alertness and clarity, promoting greater productivity, calmness, and emotional stability on a daily basis.

Many people try medicinal sleep supplements without necessarily considering external aids. This white noise machine ensures tranquil external surroundings by muffling and covering otherwise irritating disturbances or simply creating a more serene atmosphere within the room.

More specifically, when auditory faculties become used to subtler, consistent noises, they are less agitated by infrequent, sudden interruptions. This allows one to continue sleeping without being affected by such alarming sounds.

How Does the SNOOZ White Noise Machine Work?

Ideal for protection against noisy neighbors, snoring companions, or loud hotel rooms, the SNOOZ White Noise Machine relies upon a real fan which continually moves air to create the white noise.

It comes with ten easy-to-use settings for the specific requirements of each user and can be controlled via an iOS or Android app.

Simply turn on the machine when ready for bed and allow it to continue through the night to ensure a full, restorative rest. Through the app, features like setting a stop time can be added. This stop time also acts as an alarm to wake up its user in the morning.

Features of the SNOOZ White Noise Machine

With ten different settings, this white noise machine is completely customizable. Each setting has its own level of tone and volume to meet the needs of individual consumers, and those levels may be further personalized when necessary.

It can even be controlled remotely through an iOS or Android app. This app includes further settings, one of which is specifically designed for nurseries to help babies get good sleep as well.

Weighing only 1.1 pounds and boasting a compact structure, this machine is extremely portable and easy to carry while traveling. Additionally, its efficient motor, comparable to a 6W LED bulb, conserves power by using very little.

SNOOZ White Noise Machine Pricing

At the time of writing, this product is unavailable through Amazon though it is regularly offered for $79.99.

Unfortunately it appears to also be sold out through the SNOOZ White Noise Machine website, where It is sold at the same price with free shipping.

Should You Use the SNOOZ White Noise Machine?

With a significant majority of positive reviews, users seem to agree that this white noise machine works well to block out outside noises and promote a deeper, unbroken sleep.

For those looking to improve their sleep in general or travelers seeking a better sleep while on the road, this portable machine appears to be useful.

More information is available at for interested consumers.

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