Speed Force Review – Granite Supplements Pre-Workout Fat Burner?

Speed Force

About Speed Force

Speed Force is what Granite calls a dual threat pre-workout and fat burner. It has the ability to give the user focus, concentration, energy and huge improvements in strength. It also has powerful fat burning capabilities.

The supplement comes in two flavors also, Sour Candy and Cherry Lime. The pre-workout hasn’t been released yet, but will be on Wednesday October 4th.

How Does Speed Force Work?

Everyone wants to have sculpted, muscle ripped body. They want more mass, less body fat and insane energy levels so they can crush it at the gym. They want to crush it in their chosen sport or fitness regime also, the problem is, most people want it yesterday.

And that’s not very realistic, it’s actually impossible. But Speed Force is designed to help you compound time and lose weight in the fastest time frame possible while at the same time getting absolutely shredded.

The powerful and very innovative pre-workout is designed to help you kill two birds with one stone. Speed Force will essentially help you get energized and focused while at the same time burning fat. It tends to be difficult to get both of these in one place, but Speed Force makes it very possible. They’ve kept it simple, because as people we tend to over-complicate things that we want.

And oftentimes, we actually take way too many supplements than we need. Speed Force by Granite Supplements is designed to help you avoid this problem that many face. It will keep you training hard and help you burn the hard to reach, stubborn fat pockets. Granite took a three pronged approach when making Speed Force.

What Ingredients Are In Speed Force?

First, they went for Pre-workout Ergogenesis, where they added caffeine theacrine and beta-alanine. They used these three ingredients to help you get powered up before your workout. Then they went for Lipolysis, they used Grains of Paradise to help increase your ability to burn fat through brown fat thermogenesis.

Lastly, they use Adaptogenesis by including Ashwagandha. The substance has been tested time and times again and is a proven adaptogen that helps support vitality and well-being while you are on your journey to burning fat and getting shredded.

There are a tremendous amount of powerful ingredients in the pre-workout. Of course, caffeine was a must, as was theacrine. Theacrine actually helps to reduce caffeine induced anxiety. Beta Alanine is included to give pump and help promote muscle mass and adds to the kick of the substance.

Grains or Paradise, is the main ingredient to really kick the body into fat burning thermogenesis mode and then the Ashwagandha Root is an ancient substance used to improve cognitive function and help with focus and concentration. Together the ingredients in Speed Force make it one of the most powerful substances for anyone looking to get in shape and burn fat.

Where Can I Buy Speed Force?

You can buy Speed Force at Granitesupplements.com. One tub of the pre-workout/fat burner costs $34.99. And it is in pre-order phase right now. It’s likely to take off once released as Granite has a full range of supplements and is considered very high-quality plus is very popular.

Speed Force Review Summary

If you’re serious about losing fat and getting shredded, Speed Force seems like it is going to be one of the best pre-workout/fat burners on the market. There are not very many supplements that combine the two properties, so head over to Granite’s website and pre-order a tub for yourself to get it as soon as it’s released.


Buy Speed Force Review – Granite Supplements Pre-Workout Fat Burner?

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