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Smoking is one of the most serious habits in the United States and its impact on those who have the habit is profound. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, tobacco use “remains the single largest preventable cause of death and disease in the United States.”

This information is only the “tip-of-the-iceberg,” so to say, when it comes to the adverse effects that smoking can have. Given the issues associated with the habit, it may be just the right time to quit. Granted, quitting isn’t easy and in fact, many methods out there remain ineffective.

Fortunately, this review may have just the right suggestion that could help men and women who struggle with kicking the habit to actually succeed this time around. With that, this review would like to introduce Quit Genius.

What is Quit Genius?

Quit Genius is an interactive and unique platform that has been scientifically validated to increase one’s success rate when it comes to helping men and women quit smoking for good.

The platform was founded on science-backed therapy and the belief that relief from smoking should be available for men and women everywhere at an affordable rate – or as the brand notes, at a “revolutionary low cost.” The platform and therapy method were developed by a group of young doctors who believe that it is time for an effective, reliable, and high-quality method that can effectuate change.

The Core Values of Quit Genius

Different from many other methods out there that purport to help individuals quit smoking, this one has a number of core values that permeate through the duration of the system and that enable individuals to truly succeed. Here are the core values of this system so that users are fully aware of what they can expect:

Open and Honest

First, the platform believes in openness and honesty. This philosophy not only extends to the methods that the program identifies for users, but also through the brand’s business practices. Therefore, those who choose this brand can feel confident that they are choosing a reliable and trustworthy solution for their needs.


Second, this platform believes in collaboration. As the brand mentions, success entails collective efforts, which is what this program believes in.

Overcoming Meaningful Problems

Third, the platform is dedicated to overcoming meaningful problems through smart and creative methods. Most of the strategies that users encounter with this system are ones that enable users to fully succeed and to get rid of the habit for good.

These core habits are ones that enable men and women to get through the program effectively and successfully. Very few systems on the market are as reliable as this one, which is why it is a prime go-to option for many.

How Does Quit Genius Work?

Before choosing a platform, it is important to consider how it works. This way, users can determine whether they are making the right decision for their needs. In this case, the platform is implements what it called “CBT,” which is an approach that diverges three areas that influence addiction: thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

By breaking these three areas down, it becomes much easier to identify the elements that cause one to remain addicted to nicotine. While getting starting with this approach may be a bit challenging at the onset, putting the time and energy into the method and the program will more likely than not lead to success.

Further, the system provides individuals with a comprehensive, interactive, and interesting platform. The platform is available through the web or on the brand’s digital app, called mHealth Apps. The application has been proven to provide individuals who use it regularly and as directed with promising results. Further, numerous healthcare provides have implemented the application into their own practice to help their own patients succeed in overcoming addictions.

Those who are interested in verifying and reading more about the research conducted by the medical professionals behind the system can do so through the brand’s website. Interestingly enough, the brand’s website provides citations for the studies and claims that it makes, which is a rarity.

A Four-Stage Program

Quit Genius is broken down into four stages, each one of which is a “bite-sized” step that can take anywhere from one day to five minutes to complete. With this type of approach, the platform and its methods can be easily integrated into any schedule.

Here is an overview of the four steps of this system so that users know what to look forward to:

Stage 1: Your Smoking Journey

The first stage is the simplest – it is where users detail their smoking journey, which includes past, present, and future. Here, individuals will be able to explore the reasons for their smoking and they’ll also be able to visualize the future without cigarettes.

Stage 2: The Beautiful Mind

The second stage of the program is where users learn how nicotine where, they become aware of the negative impact that nicotine has on the body, and they’ll also explore hurdles associated with quitting and how they can effectively overcome.

Stage 3: Addressing Misconceptions

The third stage of the system is where individuals break down errors in their thinking and the misconceptions that they may have concerning smoking and quitting. This approach makes it easier for users to view smoking in a different light.

Stage 4: Ready, Set, Action!

The final stage of this system focuses on changing behaviors and preparing oneself for the ultimate quit date. By understanding the effects of one’s efforts, individuals can gear themselves toward true success.

Ultimately, the stages of the program are promising and they truly work to provide individuals with a new and innovative approach to quitting. With the methods and many more elements of the platform, men and women can finally make the changes necessary for a better quality of life.

Quit Genius Summary

Overall, those who are ready to start the journey that may leave them free from the constraints of smoking, then Quit Genius may be the way to go. To get started with this program and to learn more about the method, just visit the brand’s website today.

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