Testek Review – Rapid Release Testosterone Booster Prohormone Free?


Testek is a powerful testosterone booster that helps men regulate hormonal levels that will help improve muscle and strength gains.

If consumers are looking for a supplement that will help block estrogen levels while boosting their body’s natural testosterone production may want to consider trying Testek.

Worth considering by men who are bodybuilders or powerlifters and want an extra boost to their body’s potential, please read below to learn more about Testek and how to purchase a bottle.

What is Testek?

A testosterone booster that also helps block estrogen levels while boosting anabolic growth, this supplement is formulated to maximize the body’s ability to create free testosterone which leads to greater strength gains and lean muscle mass development.

What makes Testek so effective is that the ingredients actually work with the body’s hormonal pathways to help improve fat burn and build lean muscle mass. Manufactured as part of the supplement line by Quality Nutrition Technology, Testek is carefully formulated to give users the maximum support that is needed to help accelerate their muscle growth and overall strength gains.

Whether consumers are bodybuilders or powerlifters this supplement will help keep estrogen and testosterone levels within the proper ranges for optimum physical performance. Testek claims to increase anabolic growth factor levels by up to 333% and increases the body’s testosterone to cortisol ratio by up to 184%.

How Does Testek Work?

By boosting testosterone levels this supplement helps give men the supplemental support their body needs to burn fat while increasing their muscle gains.

Many testosterone boosters do just this, increase testosterone levels but if these levels get too high it can also cause estrogen levels to increase leading to adverse results like enlarged prostate. Testek contains a specialized ingredient called EstroFlavin which acts as an estrogen blocker.

Additionally, Testek contains the correct amount of phytosterols that helps support the conversion of testosterone to DHT which helps support proper levels of testosterone while keeping estrogen levels in balance. This supplement can be used as part of a stack to deliver the best workout performance.

Testek Ingredients

Combining a mix of powerful ingredients, Testek gives users the supplemental support their body needs to increase testosterone levels while keeping estrogen levels at the proper levels.

In addition to Estro Flavone this supplement also contains an exclusive ingredient called MyoBlast which helps optimize both testosterone growth and also muscle development.

MyoBlast is a patent pending ingredient that works to increase testosterone levels by stimulating the release of arginine vasopressin which decreases cortisol levels leading to increased testosterone. This product leads to remarkable gains in both muscle size and strength while decreasing body fat.

By also offering a large dose of the minerals zinc and selenium Testek gives men the extra thyroid support they need to help promote fat burn. Testek offers all of this hormonal support even though it is completely hormone free.

There is limited information available online about specific ingredient content. As with all supplements it is best for interested consumers to consult with their doctor prior to starting a new product to ensure their body is healthy. Testek is formulated for adult use only and should only be used by men. Interested consumers with allergies should be aware that this supplement contains soy.

Who Makes Testek?

Manufactured by the supplement company Quality Nutrition Technology (QNT), QNT has been manufacturing high quality health supplements since 1988. Whether consumers are looking for pre-workouts, weight loss supplements, or products to help support recovery QNT offers a range of supplements that may deliver results.

Currently QNT distributes their products throughout fifty countries worldwide. Athletes, bodybuilders and pro lifters can find supplements that will help them take their training to the next level.

Based in Belgium, the company manufactures their complete supplement line in GMP certified facilities. Interested consumers can learn more about Testek and the full product line by visiting the QNT website at www.qntusa.com.

Testek Pricing

Available for purchase online through the QNT website, each 120 capsule bottle is available for 39, 90€. It is unclear where this product ships.

Formerly available through Lucky Vitamin, All Star Health, and a few international Amazon sites, it has been discontinued through those vendors.

Should You Use Testek?

Men who work out regularly and are looking for a testosterone booster that gives them the added benefit of also regulating estrogen levels will want to consider trying Testek.

There are currently a wide range of testosterone boosting supplements available on the market so there is no shortage of choice in this product realm. There is very little information available online and this supplement is only sold through the QNT website making it feel a bit unknown.

Due to the lack of information it is recommended that interested consumers do further research prior to purchasing this supplement. The checkout process also seems a bit unclear as it is a US website but the checkout process is not. What information is available about the Testek supplement can be found on the QNT website.

Buy Testek Review – Rapid Release Testosterone Booster Prohormone Free?

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