Testo Genesis Review – Male Testosterone Booster For Lean Muscle Gains?

testo genesis

Muscle growth, sexual virility and weight loss are often associated with one supplement: testosterone. As you age, your body starts making less and less of this all important hormone.

Many men often rely on supplement aids such as testosterone boosters to help them get maintain their sexual appetite, increase their bulk, build their muscle and lose weight. One of these is the new Testo Genesis

What Is Testo Genesis?

The name of the company manufacturing this supplement is Point Break Media, LLC. Located in Minneapolis, the company sells this as a male health support supplement designed to help with keeping your testosterone levels at optimal levels.

Users are likely to experience increased energy levels, which would help them get stronger and provide adequate stamina and endurance enough for them to last longer in the gym or in the sack.

Testosterone has been linked to increased sex drive, mood improvement, stamina and muscle growth. If you want to experience any of these, you may need testosterone supplements like Testo Genesis.

It may also help with improving vasodilation, resulting in increased blood flow to crucial body parts, including the genitals. The company recommends combining the consumption of Testo Genesis with a healthy lifestyle, eating a balanced diet and proper, frequent exercise in order to get the real benefits.

This supplement is designed for fitness buffs, bodybuilders, gym goers and anyone who generally wants to take their fitness to another level. However, the company recommends due and proper medical consultation before taking the supplement.

Each bottle contains just 60 capsules and is clearly has the dietary supplement label. Upon ordering, buyers are billed an initial $4.95 where they are allowed to try out the supplement for 11 days.

If you like the product and find it useful, the company will then go on to bill you another $97.23 for that month’s supply. The supply for Subsequent months will also attract a similar fee, until the buyer cancels.

Buyers who are unsatisfied with the product are given just 11 days to return the product and request a cancellation.

Benefits Of Testo Genesis

According to the company, Testo Genesis offers a few important benefits. Some of these include:

  • Possible Energy Increases – the company claims that the supplement can help boost energy levels while you’re working out, thus making it somewhat difficult for you to be fatigued during your trainings.
  • Possible Hormonal Balance Support – it may aid the regulation of your testosterone levels so that you have enough free testosterone in your blood, and prevent the effects of poor hormonal imbalance
  • Possible Libido Improvement – men who use this may enjoy increased sex drive and possibly, better sexual performance in the bedroom. This is important when you consider low testosterone is one of the leading causes of erectile dysfunction.
  • Lean Muscle Gain – with testosterone boosters, you’re more likely to burn fat, lose weight and pack on lean muscle.

Should You Buy Testo Genesis?

Well, that depends on your needs, really. What we mean by that is do you have the time to research other testosterone supplements? Are you willing to take a risk on a company that isn’t well known in the supplement space? The reality is there’s really little or no information on the manufacturer.

Secondly, the company doesn’t tell you how their ingredients help you achieve the stated benefits. This is a bit of a concern for us, because we like to know why supplement companies make the claims they do, and many others are willing to tell us.

Thirdly, free trial offers involving supplements tend to be a bit of a hit or miss. Many supplement companies with free trial offers, only do so to reel you in. Once they have your credit card, they’ll just bill you every month even when you try to reach them to cancel your subscription.

In the final analysis, we’re not sure of Testo Genesis and the company behind it. If you’’ll be buying, make sure to reach out and see if they will honor their promises.

Buy Testo Genesis Review – Male Testosterone Booster For Lean Muscle Gains?

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