The Alchemist Collection Chest Rub Review

The Alchemist Collection Chest Rub

China, an ancient land, is full of wonder and awe. Their civilization had invented glass and gunpowder almost a millennia before the rest of the world caught up. Similarly their physicians and surgeons made astounding progress in various fields.

From treating battlefield would to dealing with the common cold. To allow access to those traditional practises is hard and getting hold of the right ingredients is harder. This is where the Alchemist collection comes in with their Chest Rub.

What Is The Alchemist Collection Chest Rub?

The Alchemist collection presents the Alchemist Collection Chest Rub. It is a homeopathic solution to any pain in the chest or a sore throat during the cold winter days.

This formula soothes and relieves the body while being completely natural. It just needs to be gently applied to the back and chest . This homeopathic product is made with a traditional Chinese formula. Even so, the product is:

Scientific Testing:

The herbs used here are thoroughly vetted to weed out any undesirable microbes and heavy metals.

Made by Physicians:

The traditional formula is reproduced and improved upon by a national board certified Oriental Medical Physician, who is an expert at identifying and using the herbs.

Federal Oversight:

This rub is manufactured at a facility that is registered with the FDA. Thus the production process is recorded and calibrated to ensure consistency and safety.

How Does The Alchemist Collection Chest Rub Work?

This balm provides quick relief from chest congestion during the cold seasons. It has three active ingredients that allow it to do so:

Dandelion Leaf:

This is a fascinatingly powerful herb. It is easy to grow and easy to use. It has nutritional value that supports good health. Traditionally it has been used to nourish and support the body’s detoxification process.

The leaf helps maintain a delicate balance of body fluids and can be very useful in calming an upset stomach. It also helps reduce inflammation in the body.


Honeysuckle is a useful plant. The flower, seed and leaves are all used for medicinal purposes. It relives pain and swelling of the small intestine and provides support in dealing with respiratory tract bacterial infections such as colds and influenza. It is also helpful in killing germs on the skin that cause itching, rashes or general redness.


This is an excellent digestive stimulant and is quite effective taken before or after heavy meals to alleviate gas and bloating. While it had been used for its usefulness with the female reproductive system it was oftentimes used as a ” dream herb”.

Due to the fact that it is a mild sedative, it is used to calm the nerves and works as a stress reliever. It is especially useful to provide pain relief due to chest congestion. Using Mugwort in ancient Chinese practises is said to stimulate the flow of Qi.

Who Is The Alchemist Collection?

The Alchemist Collection is an American company founded by Candice Nelms. She holds a Diploma in Oriental Medicine. The company manufactures its medicines at their Tavernier, Florida centre. The ingredients used are sourced responsibly and are safe.

The Alchemist Collection Chest Rub Summary

The Alchemist Collection Chest Rub provides immediate and last relief from chest pain. It is priced at $18.06 for a single box while allowing savings on bulk purchase.

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