The Beard Club Review – Men’s Grooming Care & Hair Regrowth Products?

The Beard Club

While there are many skin and facial care products in the market, rarely do we come across men’s grooming items that are designed particularly to nurture one’s beard and facial hair.

In recent years, certain entrepreneurs have taken it upon themselves to deliver such products into the market. There are now essential oils, balms, waxes, creams that are designed to particularly target facial hair follicles so that our beard and moustache can be looked after in the best possible way.

About The Beard Club

As the name suggests, The Beard Club is a company that aims to deliver its customers with highly specialised beard oils and other items that can not only help improve the growth of our facial hair, but also enhance the quality of our beard so that it can look voluminous and radiant at all times.

All of the products being offered are natural and have been made via the use of ingredients that are herbally extracted and are free of any chemical compounds.

Other important aspects of this service include:

(i) Complete Freedom of Choice:

Users have the option to modify or end their subscription with the company at anytime of their liking. There are no hidden fees or any cancellation charges that are levied once a customer decides to part ways.

(ii) Cheap Shipping:

In order to ensure complete customer satisfaction, The Beard Club offers its users with ‘flat rate shipping’ so that we do not have to bear additional costs when companies like FedEX, Mail Express decide to increase their shipping rates.

(iii) Satisfaction Guaranteed:

All purchases come with a full satisfaction guarantee that ensures a refund can be obtained if a user is unhappy with the overall quality of any of the delivered products.

The Beard Club Product Range

The main items that we can choose to build our shaving kit with include:

(i) Original Oil:

As the name suggests, this is a basic beard oil that has been created to give optimal nourishment to our facial hair. When used as prescribed, this oil mixture has been shown to help make our skin more silky, smooth, and fragrant. In addition to this, Uncut Beard Co. Oil also contains certain agents that help improve the health of our follicles.

There are no artificial ingredients in the mix and there are no chemical or preservative derivatives in any of the added nutrients. Some of the other key benefits of using this oil include:

  • Softer Beard: When used on a regular basis, the core ingredients within this oil help make our beard softer and smoother.
  • Irritation Minimization: Another important aspect of this oil is its ability to help reduce itchiness or irritation that can be caused due to a wide variety of causes.

(ii) Sandalwood Oil:

As we all know, this oil extract has a woody, warm texture. Not only that, it also contains a complex mix of fragrances that give it a highly unique scent. When looked at from a benefit point of view, we can see that sandalwood oil helps in conditioning dry hair so as to alleviate any problems pertaining to itchiness and discomfort.

Other key benefits of this oil extract include:

  • Improved Appearance: when used in moderate quantities, sandalwood allows for the permeation of our facial cells so as to give our beard a shiny, non-greasy appearance.
  • Repair: an underrated feature of this product is its medicinal content that helps cure damaged beard hair.

(iii) Beard Balm:

Another grooming product that is not only pure, but is ideal for encouraging the growth and hydration of our facial skin. As a result of this, we are able to get rid of problems like dry, itchy skin and rough hair. Each dollop of this balm combines the benefits of the company’s ‘oil and wax’ into one all natural formula.

Core benefits of this supplement include:

  • Orderly Growth: when used on a regular basis, this balm gently massages our hair strands so as to allow for our beard to be shaped in an easy manner.
  • Reduces patchiness: another feature that gets overlooked in regards to this product is its capacity to help eliminate patchiness, roughness etc.

(iv) Hair Cream:

As the name alludes to , this cream can be thought of as a ‘long lasting formula’ that helps soften rough hairs and keeps them fragrant. Not only that, this cream also contains certain active compounds that can help us obtain a smooth, non-greasy look that can help us reduce the appearance of unruly facial locks.

Other key benefits of The Beard Club include:

  • Skin Hydration: through the supply of potent aqueous solutions to our epidermis, this formula helps nourish our skin.
  • Hair Irritation Control: similar to the other products mentioned above, this cream also helps prevent itchiness, rashes and other issues that are often caused due to the rubbing of facial hair with our skin.
  • Protection: the manufacturer has stated on the label that this cream can help protect our hair from external environmental conditions like changes in humidity, temperature etc.

(v) Wax:

This blend has been made via the use of natural, pure beeswax, butters and oils. All of the added components have been closely studied and shown to give our beard a natural shine.

(vi) Shampoo:

As we all know, our beards are exposed to dust, pollution, toxins through the course of the day. Thus to get rid of such impurities that our beard collects, we can make use of this natural shampoo that can help us clean up easily and efficiently.

When used as prescribed, this cleansing formula helps nourish and condition our hair so as to revitalize their appearance. The formula is non dehydrating and does not cause a loss of aqueous content from our hair (leaving them to look lifeless, dull).

(vii) Body Wash:

Another cleansing agent that contains natural Cedarwood and Orange scent extracts. It is also infused with certain hydrants that allow for the removal of harsh toxins and bacteria from within our skin surfaces.

(viii) Hair Growth Oil:

As the name suggests, this supplement is perfect to add to our daily routine of oil application and brushing.

When used regularly, this oil helps accelerate the growth of facial hair. Apart from this, it also helps improve our skin’s ability to retain hydration and moisture. Lastly, the active ingredients in this oil have been demonstrated to stimulate blood flow to nourish follicles and promote growth.

(ix) Growth Vitamin Capsules:

These pills are designed to incorporate a natural blend of botanical extracts and multivitamins that are perfect for the growth of thicker, fuller, longer beards. Additionally, the formula has also been shown to improve the health of our skin and unclog oil glands so as to reduce the buildup of dandruff.

Not only that, there are special vitamin complexes in the mix that help accelerate growth and prevent graying caused due to nutrient deficiencies

In addition to the aforementioned products, there are also other accessories to choose from.They include special combs, caps, shirts etc.

Where Can I Buy The Beard Club?

The Bread Club allows its customers to pick and choose their items of choice by making a selection on the official company website. Once we have built a repertoire of products, we can opt to make a purchase.

Payments can be done via safe means like PayPal, MasterCard and Visa. Initial trial offers can be availed of for a sum of just $1.

Buy The Beard Club Review – Men’s Grooming Care & Hair Regrowth Products?

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