The Habit Furniture Review – Fitness-Savvy Workout Able Home Series?

The Habit Furniture

Have you ever heard of fitness equipment and furniture having something magical in common? And we’re not talking about a step machine used as a closet, or a weight bench covered in books – well maybe we are (the bench part anyway!). The Habit Furniture founders recognized that space and time are of the essence in Hong Kong, and they wanted to offer a solution.

And, they have done just that.

With beautiful wood design, sleek and classy appearance, they have combined both workout equipment and gorgeous furniture all in one. Almost sounds impossible to have the best of both worlds with such elegance, doesn’t it?

About The Habit Furniture

The Habit Furniture Bench operates as both a coffee table, and an exercise bench. It is made of walnut veneered plywood with alternately arranged wood that will give you a high level of strength in its manufacturing and durability.

When being used as a coffee table, the design is a sleek rounded wood that is perfect for any space. It stands 45 centimetres tall, 35 centimetres in width and 135 centimetres in length.

Once it is flipped over, the exercise bench area is topped with a charcoal grey vinyl cushion that allows for comfort when in use and easy clean area for after your workout.

The bench is described as secure and will ship anywhere in the world.

As part of the Kickstarter project, to order this bench there are a few different options:

  • With a pledge of $5300 (or more) you will receive The Habit Furniture Bench in dark color (or light color) which is a product trial with an estimate delivery of July 2018. This is a limited offer and there are less than twenty (20) available at this cost.
  • With a pledge of $7800 (or more) you will receive the first of the original series. A delivery is estimated for July 2018 and will ship anywhere in the world.

The Habit Stool

The Habit stool operates as both a side table, and a dumbbell set. Made of the same material as The Habit Bench, and the dimensions are 30 centimeters in length, a 2.5 centimeter areas where you would grip (or the table leg), 23 centimetres in width, and 5 centimetres in height of the table (or end of the dumbbell area).

The Habit Stool is only available in the dark color and they fit perfectly in the area below the table so they can be stored away without taking any additional space, and add a nice design to the overall look of The Habit Bench.

Like the bench, this Is part of a Kickstarter campaign so there are a couple options you can take advantage of:

  • The Habit Stool is available with a pledge of $1900 (or more) and will ship anywhere in the world. At an product trial rate, this is something you want to take advantage of. It has an estimated delivery of July 2018. This is a limited quantity offer.
  • The Habit Stool original with the same estimated delivery date is available with a pledge of $2100 (or more). They will also ship anywhere in the world.

Interested in completing the set? Perfect! There is an incredible promotional cost available. With a pledge of $8400 (or more), you will receive The Habit Bench and Two (2) of The Habit Stools. This combination will also ship anywhere in the world and has an estimated delivery date of July 2018.

The founders of The Habit Furniture are no strangers to the furniture world. They have extensive history working with and in the industry. The advantage of their location, is that they have chosen a manufacturer very close to where they are so they can monitor the production and ensure that the delivery date is accurate.

They have promised too, that they will spend time testing the shipping process. It Is o great importance to them that The Habit Furniture arrives as described, and with the same quality it left before distribution.

Kickstarter is a great program and only takes on projects that are of quality and integrity. They are specific on their timelines, and these are available to view on the website.

The Habit Furniture Summary

The Habit Furniture is like nothing else available on the market right now. Although there are combination type sets, there isn’t anything with the same quality and durability meanwhile having an appearance of sleek, modern and sexy.

Given that the quantities are limited, be sure to check out the website soon and make your pledge. And, if you love the concept and would love to see these models throughout the industry but don’t need it for your home, there are also options to make a pledge to support The Habit Furniture too! Supporting innovations are always appreciated.

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