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At the beginning of Godfather II, the dealer Enzo says to Michael, “We wanna get to know the old country better.” Michael replies, “The Sicilians? We just want to establish a dialogue with them.”

I think it is clear that Michael wants to establish a dialogue with the Sicilians, not to seek their permission to settle in their country.

Why did Michael use the word “dialogue” in Italian?
Can the “dialogue” be understood as the language used by the Italians during the time? I do not know whether Michael can use the word “dialogue” in English. I mean the dialogue could be used as the language of discussion used in contemporary time.


To establish a dialogue
To establish a discussion, dialogue or conversation is an important use of the word. This can be with a person or with a group.
The only time I can think of where this could be ambiguous is in the case of a group of 3 people talking to each other, where two could mean talking to each other about a particular thing.
In that case, the second person would need to clarify whether they are talking about the entire discussion (in which case it would be a dialogue) or whether they are speaking to each other (in which case it would be a conversation).
In the case of Michael's dialogue, he is talking to the Sicilians about a subject and looking for their permission to move into their country.

What does “establish a dialogue” mean?
It means that Michael is asking them for permission, in a friendly manner, to be permitted to settle in their country.
This is also confirmed by the Italian translation.

“We wanna get to know the old country better.”
“We want to establish a dialogue with them.”

In this particular case, “dialogue” is understood as meaning that you are asking for permission to enter a country. In your example sentence, this could be mistaken as meaning you are asking for the permission of the Sicilians to settle in their country.
I am not sure what “dialogue” actually means in the context of contemporary English, but I imagine it is close to the concept of “conversation”.

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How do I stop it? I have tried removing the drive, deleting the folder, and re-deploying and re-registering. Still the same issue.


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