Total Fit Home Gym Review

Total Fit Home Gym

The gym is the perfect way to get in shape from home. According to the company who has created the gym, it is an effective workout in just 25 minutes of activity a day.

What is the Total Fit Home Gym?

This is said to be the ultimate full body workout. It is a at home system, that comes with a digital timer as well for the sake of tracking. Right now, there is a 30-day risk free trial you can take advantage of too see if the gym is right for you.

The complete system comes with a DVD for training purposes as well. And there is also a nutrition plan so you can eat healthy as well. The Total Fit Home Gym offers full range, resistance style workout for total body transformation.

Each workout performed with Total Fit System is considered a full body workout. You’ll benefit from higher levels of cardio, rock hard abs and a strong core. It will also help build your buns, thighs and hips. And with 12 levels of resistance, there is very little chance that the system will ever become difficult for you.

The resistance levels also mean the gym is ideal for people of all fitness levels. Pros will love the gym as well beginners. It has 4 unique grip handle patterns for very intense muscle targeting.

What Does the Total Fit Home Gym Do?

The Total Fit Home Gym system offers athletes an ultimate Full Body workout. You’ll able to target your core so you can easily sculpt your body and get rock hard six pack abs.

You’ll be able to strengthen your core muscles as well. Your arms will also get a hard workout when you use the gym. As well your chest and back. The Total Fit is great for strength conditioning of your arms, back and chest. And it also helps to tone them as well.

If you’re looking to get firmer glutes, more defined hips and stronger, sexier thighs, then the gym is also for you. They claim it will help you get the sexy, sleek look that you’ve always dreamed of and wanted. The total fit leads to physical success. It will get your heart rate up so you can easily burn fat faster than through the use of any other exercise machine you’ve used most likely.

Most people say they’ve never seen any system like the Total Fit Home Gym and report that you can get results faster with it then anything they’ve seen. And it’s very easy to setup so you can start using it within just minutes of purchasing it. The gym easily folds so you can store it anywhere. And with it there are more than 60 different exercises you can choose from to perform.

You can use push-ups and dips to target the traps, chest and shoulders. Curls will work out your arms, rows for your back and sit-ups to target the abs. These are just a handful of the many exercise options you have when you’re using the Total Fit.

The Total Fit uses Pneumatic Resistance Technology to help you achieve exercises using the 12 levels of resistance and to work your muscles with full ranges of motion. It’s designed to give you the maximum level of calorie burn and provide you with a worthy workout.

The digital timer will help you keep the challenge strong so you can measure your time and keep track of your results. There is also 4 different incline levels so you can work major muscle groups and hit high intensity levels of cardio.

Where Can I Buy the Total Fit Home Gym?

The offer is not seen in stores. But you can buy it at for the trial feel of $14.99 plus $29.99 shipping and handling. If you opt to wave the trial fee and pay the whole price you also get shipping and handling for free.

The Bottom Line on the Total Fit Home Gym

If you’re looking to get healthy, Total Fit Home Gym is a real system designed to help anyone get in shape. It’s not a simple get fit quick supplement. It will take consistent work and effort and you’ll likely have to make some lifestyle changes as well.

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