UMOOZE Review – Herbal Prostate Benefits For Frequent Urination?


Based on recent statistics, the majority of men over the age of 40 suffer from an enlarged prostate and urinary symptoms. A great concern for the male population, preventative measures significantly reduce the risk of experiencing prostate health problems that can ultimately lead to prostate cancer.

Umooze is a natural dietary supplement that supports prostate health. Specifically developed for men over the age of 50, the advanced herbal formula is designed to reduce frequent urination to provide urinary tract support. Improving prostate function and wellness, Umooze enhances immune support, increases cardiovascular health, and improves quality of life. Safe and effective, the supplement provides a maximum dose of active ingredients. Without causing adverse effects, Umooze promotes health and longevity.

About Umooze

Umooze is manufactured by the company Golden Biotechnology Corporation (CBC). Based in Taiwan, the manufacturer was founded in 2002. Focusing on innovative solutions, the company is dedicated to enhancing the health and wellness of its customers by developing high-quality products.

The scientific research has been used to develop pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products that are effective in treating and preventing specific degenerative diseases. By focusing on specific health conditions, Golden Biotechnology Corporation is expanding into new drug development. Today, the company features the world’s leading drug screening platform. With the advisement of world-renowned medical scientists, the products use compounds that originate from Chinese medicines, herbs, and fungi.

As men begin to age, prostate health begins to decline. The prostate acts as a valve that directs the flow of urine. An exocrine gland of the male reproductive system, if enlarged, the non-cancerous swelling of the prostate gland can cause infection, benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), and prostatitis. The symptoms often include a slow urinary flow, lower back pain, and chronic pelvic pain.

Without the ability to completely empty the bladder, the sensation results in a frequent urge to urinate. Causing difficult in urinating, the inflammation of the prostate gland prompts pain and discomfort. Made with a unique bioactive cell line screening platform, Umooze contains strictly selected active ingredients. Based on clinical studies and research, the formulation has an effective herbal synergy.

The ingredients used in Umooze not only maintain a healthy prostate but also decrease swelling that is caused by certain health conditions. A comprehensive supplement, in addition to regulating prostate health, Umooze also boosts immune function by helping the body fight off infection. The supplement controls the body’s inflammatory responses, supporting the various biological functions of the body. The properties work to reduce risk of developing degenerative health conditions.

For the best results, it is recommended that users take one capsule twice a day. The recommended maximum dosage is four capsules of Umooze each day. Divides into two separate doses, users can choose to take two capsules, twice a day.

Ingredients in Umooze

Umooze combines two scientifically-proven organic compounds. Each natural ingredient has effectively shown to reduce the symptoms associated with prostate function. The ingredients, as well as their benefits, are listed below.

Soybean Extract

This ingredient is cultivated from the seeds of a soybean. Native to East Asia, this legume is now widely grown all over the world. A versatile crop, it is regarded as a powerful source of protein. Since its widespread use, studies have shown that soybean extract can help shrink enlarged prostates.

Featuring a diverse range of micronutrients, the phytochemicals found in the ingredient contain mechanisms that protect the prostate. Soybean extract contains high levels of isoflavones. Once absorbed, these properties accumulate in the prostate rather than in the blood. Promoting prostate health, the isoflavones influence hormone balance and reduce the risk of hormone dependent cancers such as breast, uterine, and prostate cancer.

Premium Mongolian Astragalus –

A Chinese herbal medicine, this ingredient is usually used in combination with other herbs. Found to stimulate parts of the immune system, it enhances urine output. Encouraging the kidneys to release more sodium into the urine, it helps treat a diabetes, hypertension, insomnia, and hyperthyroidism. Fighting against common illnesses, it contains powerful adaptogenic properties.

The plant extract contains anti-inflammatory compounds that can slow down tumor growth. Beneficial for men who are at risk for developing prostate cancer, the ingredient also supports cardiovascular health.

Purchasing Umooze

Umooze is available for purchase on Amazon. Each bottle contains 60 capsules, enough for a one month supply, and costs $100.

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