WAMA Hemp Underwear Review – Natural Anti-Microbial Protection?

WAMA Hemp Underwear

With the sustainability and comfort of hemp, WAMA Hemp Underwear is available in both men’s and women’s styles for breathable and anti-microbial material that is made with all organic ingredients.

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What Is WAMA Hemp Underwear?

Hemp is an increasingly utilized product for its sustainability as a crop, as well as its antimicrobial and breathable function once manufactured into a textile. It is naturally soft for comfortable clothing. Fabric fragments have been found dating to 8,000 BCE, making hemp one of the oldest textiles in human history.

With a very strong external surface around the stem of the plant, hemp is an extremely durable material. A soft inner layer makes for smooth and comfortable material when processed into a textile.

As one of the most eco friendly materials on earth, hemp can grow in various climates and soils, even in tightly spaced crops. This allows for a smaller portion of land to be used while hemp contributes to better overall soil nutrition, granting farmers the ability to plant other crops immediately following harvest. Additionally, its rapid growth rate yields a greater number of products.

WAMA Hemp Underwear was created as a natural fiber underwear. It is recognized by the Global Organic Textile Standard and certified organic to preserve the natural integrity of the raw materials.

Held to the highest quality standards, the elastic, patterns, and stitching have been carefully developed and selected for the best possible product. Both men’s boxer briefs and women’s hipsters are available for purchase with a relaxed fit made with a blend of hemp, organic cotton, and spandex. Hemp becomes even softer when blended with cotton for extremely comfortable clothing.

This company chose to seek manufacturing capacities within a small family business, rather than a large factory. Because the hemp industry is still growing, suppliers are difficult to find. However, WAMA Hemp Underwear was able to establish high standards and business practices with their partners for quality products and strong environmental commitments.

They have been featured on several websites including TrendHunter, Ministry of Hemp, GadgetFlow, HempHelps, lildeal, and IndieGetup.

How Does This Hemp Underwear Work?

Designed to be a daily use underwear, WAMA Hemp is durable for daily activities such as work or exercise while maintaining a comfortable and breathable feel.

WAMA Hemp Underwear Products

Men’s Boxer Briefs:

As the most popular style of men’s underwear, boxer briefs allow for comfort and free movement. Hemp adds breathability for enhanced enjoyment regardless of physical activity.

Women’s Hipsters:

Offering an extremely popular style selection, the women’s hipsters provide anti-microbial material that prevents infections and wicks away sweat.

WAMA Hemp Underwear Pricing

At the time of writing, WAMA Hemp Underwear is running a Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds necessary for production. Currently they have $3,830 towards their goal of $9,000 with just under a month left. The underwear will be manufactured only if the goal is met.

Contribution amounts correspond to different rewards, so that donors essentially purchase the product at a discounted rate. Shipping is available to anywhere in the world and is free within the US. All items are expected to be delivered in March 2018.

For a pledge of $20 or $24 contributors will receive a pair of women’s hipsters or men’s boxer briefs, respectively for a 20% savings off the retail price. Similarly an early bird sale for 3 pairs of each is available for $48 for women’s and $60 for men.

The highest donation tier is at $160 for 11 pairs of women’s hipsters for a 42% discount and $200 for 11 pairs of men’s boxer briefs at a 39% discount.

Should You Use WAMA Hemp Underwear?

Using sustainable, natural ingredients, WAMA Hemp Underwear might appeal to those concerned with environmental consequences of current clothing production practices or material manufacturing.

Featuring the most popular fit in both men and women’s styles, these are designed to be breathable for a natural feel throughout the day. The relatively high price of these compared to other underwear brands might be an issue to some consumers, who might benefit from taking advantage of the discounts available with the Kickstarter campaign.

More information is offered at: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1193241733/wama-naturally-comfortable-hemp-underwear.

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