Weave Textile Co Review – Organic & Boarderless Ever Soft Bath Towels?

Weave Textile Co

Ever wonder what causes bath towels to become rough over time? Surprised to find something so soft sitting on a retailer’s shelves to become of reduced quality after several washes?

Believe it or not, it is the littlest things that are said to make the biggest impacts. Like vegetables get exposed to a fair share of chemicals, bath towels are also believed to experience the same, hence the reason why they feel extremely soft at a retailers’.

Similarly, towels with borders are believed to induce uneven quality. Fortunately, Weave Textile Co claims to eliminate both negative impacts to deliver long lasting and soft bath towels!

The following review will assess the potential Weave Textile Co.’s Bath Towels have in comparison to standard bath towels. Factors like its purpose, source of ingredients and overall affordability will be considered.

What is Weave Textile Co?

Weave Textile Co specializes in delivering quality and luxurious towels. Instead of using fancy matters to up the prices, creators Jesse and Michelle have reconsidered existing towel designs and assessed what works and what doesn’t.

The duo have come to a conclusion that decorative borders are the main causes of uneven shrinkage, roughness and uneven dryness. Furthermore, they have prevented the use of chemicals to ensure that consumers have a relatively long lasting softness as opposed to something that only exists prior to its wash.

How Are the Weave Textile Co Bath Towels Made?

To preserve the quality of the Weave Textile Co.’s Bath Towels, the key ingredient used includes long staple organic cotton produced by a local community in India. This is definitely a win-win situation, where Indian farmers get an affordable living, the environment continues to be preserved and consumers get comforting and quality towels.

Most importantly, it being organic ensures safety of the producers and the consumers.

How Much Can Consumers Expect to Invest in Weave Textile Co Bath Towels?

Weave Textile Co currently offers different types and sizes of towels, some of which may include a bath towel (30” by 58”), hand towel (20” by 30”), and a wash cloth (13” by 13”). As Weave Textile Co. introduces itself via KickStarter, consumers can expect a discounted price at the moment.

A Weave Bath Towel can cost anywhere between $40 and $45. A Weave Bath Towel set consisting one of each towel can cost approximately $58. Although a standard bath towel may cost a fraction of what the Weave Towels are offered at, factors like quality, safety and durability must be considered as well.

Weave Textile Co Review Summary

Overall, it is clear that the Weave Bath Towels are far more safer and durable to use as opposed to typical towels. By eliminating unethical processes, the use of chemicals and borders entirely, consumers are believed to have a soft and even towel that dries faster, absorbs as much water as possible and is less likely to roughen unevenly.

To experience the real difference, check out: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/52887451/weave-towels-youll-feel-a-difference.

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