Youngblood Liquid Mineral Foundation Review

Youngblood Liquid Mineral Foundation

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Many women all over the world, use makeup every day – or a majority of the week anyhow. And, what most of them will tell you is that using the right foundation can make all the difference in the world to your look and the application of other products. Think of your face and foundation like an artist would a piece of paper or canvas. Quality, matters.

Youngblood Liquid Mineral Foundation that Is ideal for a variety of skin types and more importantly, good for your skin. What sense would it make using the best foundation in the world if it is only damaging the skin underneath? Unfortunately, this is what happens with a lot of makeup out there on the market. And, as a result causes you to always have to use it and in some cases even more.

Makeup should enhance your beauty, not disguise it. The last thing you want is to walk around feeling like a clown, right? This liquid mineral foundation is described as providing medium coverage and allows for a supple finish. The foundation itself will provide the skin with an increased level of hydration that is concentrated with deep sea mineral water.

In addition, it has a skin care quality blend of soothing ingredients such as:

With the addition of these ingredients, you will instantly experience a smooth complexion with improved nourishment, protection and as mentioned above, hydration. Makeup, especially foundation can be drying to the skin, so using one with its own hydration abilities is key – and what you can expect from Youngblood Liquid Mineral Foundation.

What Skin Types is Youngblood Liquid Mineral Foundation Best for?

Because of the addition of the soothing ingredients, and the benefits they each provide, this liquid mineral foundation is great for normal to dry skin. It is safe for skin that may be irritated or inflamed and has special ingredients included that can be used to sooth your skin following laser treatments.

What you should also know is that, this liquid foundation is cruelty free (PETA certified), Gluten free and does not contain any talc or parabens.

More About the Coverage

As mentioned above, this liquid mineral foundation will provide a sheer to medium coverage. It helps create a smooth palette for your everyday look – or in preparation for a night on the town. It is luminous and will not dry or flake your skin or the foundation for that matter.

Youngblood Liquid Mineral Foundation has a reputation of delivering a much smoother appearance and because of the addition of the hydration ingredients, it will absorb nicely into the skin and keep it hydrated instead of dry and flaky.

It is a foundation designed especially for normal to dry skin – so you can feel confident in maintaining the look you left the house in.

How to Order Youngblood Liquid Mineral Foundation

Youngblood Liquid Mineral Foundation is available for purchase online through their website for only $36.95. There original retail price is $49.00.

Each bottle of the liquid mineral foundation is 30 millilitres and depending on your usage, know that a little bit goes a long way. You might agree, it is time to start your enhanced beauty look with the right foundation that will hydrate you, and nourish the skin underneath!

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